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Landscape Lighting Installation in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA


We were recently featured again in House & Home Magazine as an expert in landscape lighting and design! Click the image to read the latest article and learn more about common landscape lighting requests, typical home-owner calls, the design process, latest trends, favorite projects, and when you should call an expert contractor.

Exterior Lighting – Why We Do It Better

There are many differences in Landscape Lighting Design and Installations. We have designed and installed many exterior systems in Montgomery County & Bucks County. Here are a few reasons why our outside low voltage system is better than our competition.

Walkway Lighting Installation Options


    Our outside light fixtures are solid brass, well designed, and easy to maintain. They are the best ‘bang for the buck’ out there. Landscape lighting fixtures can vary GREATLY in both quality and price, so make sure you understand what type of Landscape Lighting fixture you’re getting when you want illuminate a walkway, for example, or place emphasis on an alluring landscape design.


    Not landscapers. Most landscapers install landscape lighting as an add-on sale, not as their specialty. Our installers are licensed electricians specializing in electrical service upgrades and electrical repairs in Bucks County, PA. We will install your landscape lighting project expertly and professionally. From a walkway and front entry to trees, brick and stone-- we will perform outside installations that completely enhance the appearance of your property, as well as its overall value. Our installers are experts in low voltage


    Many electricians or landscapers are not experts in the critical ‘design aspect’ necessary for your landscape lighting project. Our installers have many years of experience creating beautiful and functional exterior lighting designs that our customers love. Through our detailed and innovative layouts, we perform the most dependable outside low voltage installations in the Montgomery County region.


    For larger jobs, we will conveniently visit your home at night and ‘fine tune’ your exterior lighting system so that it effectively complements the landscape design surrounding your property. Whether the positioning of light fixtures near a walkway need to be modified, for instance, or you want to more effectively enhance the nightly appearance of a birch tree, we’ll make sure you're satisfied with your low voltage


    Our wiring method and landscape lighting fixtures allow us to reduce our number of underground connections to less than 25% of the competition. Fewer exterior lighting connections mean fewer problems with installations and lower maintenance. Our installers utilize cutting-edge methods to provide no-dig solutions to counteract any problems that could occur.

Our Licensed Electricians serve all areas within Montgomery County & Bucks County

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Examples of Our Work:


1. After Photo Landscape Lighting Installation and Design Bucks County PA


1. Before Photo Existing Exterior Lighting Bucks County PA


2. After Photo Landscape Lighting Design and Installation Newtown PA


2. Before Photo Exterior Lighting Design Newtown PA

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