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Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments

Windows are a key design element in any residence. They can bring comforting, refreshing daylight to your home and family, but can also introduce harsh glares, fade upholstery or artwork, and significantly reduce your privacy. To maximize the beauty and efficiency of your windows, you need to be able to control and adjust the light that enters.

We can help you select, and install, and install the right controlled window treatments for every room in your home. Our Lutron Shading Systems are custom-manufactured and available in a variety of fabrics and woven woods. They can also be integrated with other systems for total control of all the light in your home.

Lutron Shading System:

  • Provide complete control, all with the touch of a button
  • Transform harsh glare into soft, pleasing light
  • Enhance privacy while preserving the exterior view
  • Reduce glare and solar heat gain
  • Protect expensive furnishing and artwork from harsh UV rays
  • Change daytime into nighttime for a restful sleep
  • Create ideal conditions for home theater viewing

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