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Ambler Backup Generator Installation

It’s been said that when it rains, it pours. We’ve all seen this phrase proven true when a thunderstorm that’s flooding our basement zaps the power out, too, and suddenly you’re dealing with a flooded basement and souring food in the fridge and uncomfortable temperatures from the air conditioning going off.

One way to stay in control of the situation is to have your home outfitted with a backup generator. We at Wes Carver Electric are proud to say we’re seasoned experts in Ambler backup generator installation.


If you’re exploring the idea of protecting your home’s electricity, let us give you some reasons it’s a good idea:

  • Have you noticed that thunderstorms and snowstorms have been more frequent in recent years? Our climate is shifting, and that means power outages are going to be leaving us in the dark more often.
  • A back-up generator installation in Ambler could increase your home’s property value, especially if the area’s power supply becomes more unstable.
  • Backup generators not only increase your comfort during a blackout, they protect your home from damages that can occur. If your sump pump never stops working, your risk of flooding goes down.
  • An Ambler backup generator installation will protect your family from the increasingly lengthy electrical outages that have plagued our state in recent years. There’s something to be said about peace of mind during a snowstorm.


Since starting in 1999, we at Wes Carver have demonstrated a serious commitment to providing the best back-up generator installation in Ambler. Here’s why you’re choosing right when you choose us:

  • We’re a local company that’s dedicated to our community. We’ll do everything we can to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you helpful recommendations about your electrical system.
  • We’ll determine the appropriate location for your generator to ensure full compliance with building codes, and it’s us, not you, who does the permit process.
  • Our Ambler backup generator installation services can be customized to your needs. We’ve installed generators ranging in size from 7KW to 20KW, allowing our clients to protect just a few circuits or their entire homes.

Wes Carver Electric offers a team of incredibly skilled professionals who’ve been background checked and drug tested. Not only will we arrive at our appointments on time, we’ll make sure we don’t leave a mess. Give us a call at (215) 855-3340 for a response within a day!

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