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Blue Bell Backup Generator Installation

BOOM! That last roll of thunder ends with your house going dark. Suddenly, you can’t hear the drone of your refrigerator anymore, nor is your air conditioner blowing cool air. What’s there to do but sit and wait until power is restored so you can go on with life?

More and more people are realizing they can stay in control during electrical outages by installing a home backup generator. For the highest quality Blue Bell backup generator installation, turn to the experts at Wes Carver Electric.


Not sure you’re ready to take this step in protecting your home’s power supply? Here are some reasons it’s not just a good idea, but a great one:

  • Unfortunately, the big storms of recent years have hit home the incredible importance of backup power, with some of these outages lasting days. A backup generator installation in Blue Bell will not only protect your home should a similar disaster strike, but will cost thousands less than the portable backup generators that sold out of stores almost immediately during previous prolonged outages.
  • Our shifting climate almost guarantees that power outages will happen more often in the future, since we’re already seeing greater frequency in big storms. Combine this with our region’s aging power grids and it’s very likely we’ll be seeing more blackouts in the years to come.
  • A Blue Bell back-up generator installation safeguards your home from flooding during storms, since it keeps your sump pump working. It also decreases food waste since your fridge keeps working, too. You’ll no longer have to be anxious about blackouts during snowstorms, thunderstorms, or high winds.


We may not be the only game in town, but we are the best. Winners of local and national awards for our outstanding service, Wes Carver Electric is the company our community trusts because:

  • We’re local, we’re passionate, and we’re extremely skilled in what we do. Our electricians are highly trained and screened, as well as background checked and drug tested for your safety.
  • Our Blue Bell back-up generator installation services offer clients the most choices. We install generators of all types and sizes, both manual and automatic. We’ll work with you to determine what’s the best choice for your home.
  • Electricians who are punctual? They do exist! They’ve all been hiding at Wes Carver.

Members of the Electrical Association of Philadelphia, the electricians at Wes Carver Electric are eager to impress you with our knowledge, efficiency, and genuine care. Call (215) 855-3340 about your Blue Bell back-up generator installation and hear back from us within 24 hours!

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