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Americans are in a constant battle with Mother Nature. No matter what time of year, there is always a weather obstacle that likes to challenge us and our daily lives. Heat, strong winds, heavy winter snow are just some examples of types of weather that disrupt our ways of life. Many times, unfortunately, these occurrences are strong enough to knock out the electrical power going into your home, which could be extremely hazardous and inconvenient. To prevent any problems from occurring in your home, you need to call Wes Carver Electric, your premier Blue Bell generator installation company.

Since 1999, our highly experienced staff at Wes Carver Electric has been serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties with a commitment to excellence and dedication to keeping the people of the area safe and secure with their electrical needs. As proud members of the Electrical Association of Philadelphia, we are proud to be the respected, fully licensed and insured choice for generator installation in Blue Bell.


Home generators are becoming a very hot residential item at the moment. People are beginning to realize the importance of owning one and how it a Blue Bell generator installation can help them live safely in their homes. Whether it is a small generator to operate a miniature refrigerator or a colossal unit to help keep your whole house operating, there are numerous benefits:

  • In the case of severe rain, you want to make sure your basement or house isn’t flooded by a sump pump not working. Sump pumps will operate even in severe conditions when connected to the generator, reducing the likelihood of your home flooding.
  • In that deathly summer heat, should the power go out and air conditioning with it, you won’t have any need to evacuate your home. When your installed generator kicks in, your air conditioner will keep pumping that cool air into your home!
  • In a few years when you’re an empty nester and looking to downsize, a Blue Bell home with an installed generator will have increased value and a unique selling point to boot.


With so many important home functions running and relying on electricity, the home generator installer in Blue Bell is on call to get it installed correctly! Here’s what to expect when you work with Wes Carver Electric:

  • By the book installation backed by years of hands-on experience by qualified electricians.
  • As the Blue Bell generator installer, we know the correct generator to install in your home to make sure you are up on codes of regulation.
  • A commitment to detail and excellence, and get the job done right the first time with full clean up!

Don’t wait until the power goes out to try and call us with a depleted cell phone. Call Wes Carver Electric, your Blue Bell generator installation expert, for your consultation today!

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