Ask the Experts: Electrical Problems You May Face in Your Home

The technicians at Wes Carver Electric are the region’s experts in residential electrical services and repairs. While our team understands the various electrical problems that homeowners experience throughout the year, not everyone may be able to recognize these problems themselves or know what to do if an electrical issue arises.

Keep Electronics Safe – 3 Reasons Surge Protection Is Essential

Photo: frankieleon, Flickr Creative Commons In our modern times, we’ve all got plenty to worry about. So why, you ask, should you spend some of your precious time ensuring your home is protected from electrical surges? Surge protection is well worth your time and investment. We’re Wes Carver Electric, Montgomery County’s trusted electricians, and we’ll […]

DIY Don’ts – When To Hire An Electrician

DIY Don’ts – When To Hire An Electrician Photo: davef3138, Flickr Creative Commons This post is for you, fearless do-it-yourselfers! We’ll start off by saying we admire your pluck in taking on home improvement projects on your own. It takes gumption to tackle repairs and upgrades on nights and weekends, following instructions from YouTube or […]

Buying or Selling Your Home? Rely on a Main Line Electrician

Buying or Selling Your Home? Rely on a Main Line Electrician When buying or selling a home, you’ll want to make sure that everything on the property is in order. In an effort to do so, you should look out for warning signs which may indicate that a professional Main Line electrician is needed. We […]

About Wes Carver, the Trusted Electrician on the Main Line

About Wes Carver, the Trusted Electrician on the Main Line When you experience electrical issues, time is of the essence. Therefore, you need to have an electrical contractor who will act quickly and efficiently to fix your electrical problems before bigger ones occur. That’s where Wes Carver Electric comes in. Founded in 1999, Wes Carver […]

Spring Cleaning Electrical Checklist

Spring Cleaning Electrical Checklist Photo: Martinak15, Flickr Creative Commons This time of year is a great for a little spring cleaning: sorting through paper work, dusting the moldings, maybe even cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen. In addition to the usual ways you spruce up your home for spring, consider adding these tasks! Here’s […]

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring

Photo: grendelkhan Flickr Creative Commons Upgrading electrical wiring in Montgomery County homes can seem like a huge hassle. When the lights turn on and the appliances run, why should you go through the trouble of updating old wiring? The fact is that outdated wiring can be a like a ticking time bomb. Every year, the […]