Ask the Experts: Electrical Problems You May Face in Your Home

The technicians at Wes Carver Electric are the region’s experts in residential electrical services and repairs. While our team understands the various electrical problems that homeowners experience throughout the year, not everyone may be able to recognize these problems themselves or know what to do if an electrical issue arises.

Improving the Look and Feel of Your Bedroom with Recessed Lighting

You can trust that our licensed electricians in Newtown, PA and its surrounding areas recognize the impact that recessed lighting has on the look and feel of any living space—especially a bedroom. In the video above, we perform a before-and-after comparison of a recessed lighting job that we had recently installed in a customer’s master […]

Electrical Safety: Being More Aware of the Devices in Your Home

To help protect you and your family against the threat of a fire, it’s important that you focus on electrical safety by being more aware of the electrical system within your home. In the video above, we show you a receptacle that was recently removed from one of our customers’ houses. Initially, when our electricians […]

Burned Recessed Lights

Here at Wes Carver Electric, our electricians in Abington, PA and other towns throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties have extensive training on replacing recessed lighting. Our team takes great pride in helping all customers facilitate a safer, more comfortable living space for their family, friends and guests. Recently, a homeowner contacted us about a problem […]

Improving Efficiency with Mitsubishi Comfort Systems

Improving Efficiency with Mitsubishi Comfort Systems Our electricians in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County want to share our answers to a few important questions that our customers usually ask about Mitsubishi Comfort Systems. Just to give you some quick insight: The setup is often referred to as a “multi-split system,” wherein a single outdoor […]

Should You Purchase a Home Backup Generator?

Should You Purchase a Home Backup Generator? Have you noticed that severe storms have increased in frequency over the past few years? Well, due to an aging power grid and understaffed repair crews, storms are resulting in more frequent and prolonged outages. Not only are these power interruptions inconvenient, but they can also lead to […]

Do I Need Pathlights?

Do I Need Pathlights?   When customers come to Wes Carver Electric for landscape lighting installations in Newtown, PA and surrounding areas, one of the most common questions they ask is, “Do I need pathlights?” A quick answer to that question is a simple “No.” However, we make sure to explain the following reasons why […]

Keeping Everyone Cool at St. Miriam’s Parish

Keeping Everyone Cool at St. Miriam’s Parish Here at Wes Carver Electric, we value the opportunity to assist local individuals throughout the process of creating a cooler, more comfortable indoor environment for friends, family and guests. As we approach mid-July and the weather gets even hotter, we work diligently to ensure that everyone around the […]

3 Things You Should Expect from a Landscape Lighting Installation Provider

3 Things You Should Expect from a Landscape Lighting Installation Provider Source: When homeowners are looking to enhance the overall security or curb appeal of their home, landscape lighting designs are the way to go! Not only will you help to provide a higher level of protection for your family, but the value of your […]

3 Reasons to Rely on KOHLER® Generators

When electrical failures occur, homeowners experience an extraordinary disadvantage in comparison to their normal lifestyle. If you’re not prepared with a heavy-duty generator, you might be placing your family at risk of having to endure an endless number of challenges. It’s no mystery that electricity is a crucial component to our overall productivity and well-being, […]