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So you’re ready to take the plunge and are looking into generator installation in Cheltenham — great choice! A backup generator is a great form of protection for you and your family during power outages. Most of the time power outages may be brief, but during truly turbulent storms, power has been known to be out for extended periods of time. Sometimes even days! But if you have a generator installed on the premises, you don’t have to worry about going through the frustrating ordeal of an extended blackout.

But who do you choose when you need a Cheltenham generator installation? Your best bet is to choose the name that homeowners have trusted since 1999: Wes Carver Electric! For fifteen years we’ve been giving top-notch customer service to our customers all over Bucks and Montgomery counties, and we’ve developed quite the positive reputation in the process.

For generator installation in Cheltenham, we’re your best bet. We have a very thorough installation process (which you can read more about below) that takes great care in making sure your generator fits your home perfectly and provides the correct level of protection to ensure it can perform when it’s needed.

When you’re ready for expert-level generator installation in Cheltenham, give us a call and we’ll give you great service, top-of-the-line products, and reasonable pricing!


image_1We pride ourselves on carrying out a thorough process for each and every generator installation we take on. Our first step will involve sending out a crew to survey your home and talk with you about what exactly you’re looking for out of your backup generator. This in-home consultation will have our professionals deciding on the best generator for you and the best location for your installation, in order to fall in line with building codes.

Once we’re all in agreement, we’ll follow up with a proposal that contains a few different options for you to choose from. We don’t think you should be stuck with one single option that we decide on. We know you have preferences in terms of pricing, so we want to keep it flexible.

Afterward, we’ll begin the permit process, order the generator, and coordinate scheduling for the best time to begin the installation. All we require is an initial deposit beforehand.

Don’t forget that we offer financing that is flexible and easy for you!


Are you ready to get your generator installation rolling? We’re ready to help! Call us at 215.855.3340 or contact us via our website for quick service!

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