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Doylestown Backup Generator Installation

A lot of the time, storms can take us by surprise. One minute, the sun is shining and the sky is blue; the next, dark clouds are rolling in and the lights are flickering from the high winds and lightning strikes.

Be prepared for the next unexpected power outage by protecting your home’s electricity with a backup generator. To get it done fast and done right, trust the Doylestown backup generator installation pros at Wes Carver Electric.


There are lots of reason you’re 100 percent right about your decision to have your home outfitted with backup electricity. Here are a few:

  • Climate change is leading to more frequent storms, leading to more power outages.
  • Our region’s power grids are growing old, and repair crews these days are often short on people. Not only will outages be more frequent, they’ll take longer to fix.
  • Your Doylestown back-up generator installation will help protect your home from flooding damages, since it keeps your sump pump operating.
  • A backup generator potentially makes your home more valuable.


Maybe you’re already sold on the idea, and you’re just looking for the best people to do your installation. You’ve come to the right place. Wes Carver is known for the friendliest, fastest backup generator installation in Doylestown. When you go to Wes Carver, you get:

  • A generator that’s customized to your needs. We install generators ranging in size from 7KW to 20KW. Basically, you can choose to protect a few circuits, or you can choose to protect your entire home’s electricity.
  • The choice between a manual and automatic generator. Don’t want to have to deal with the machine at all? An automatic generator will turn on when needed, then shut off on its own. It will also perform self-maintenance to ensure its readiness for the next blackout.
  • Our electricians are background checked and drug tested for your safety. They’re also rigorously screened to ensure deep knowledge of the industry.
  • We get to your appointment on time, and we clean up after ourselves.

Still don’t believe we’re the best choice for your Doylestown backup generator installation? Just take a look at what our customers say about us: efficient, professional, friendly, and “a pleasure to work with.” Call us at (215) 855-3340 for a response within 24 hours.

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