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Let’s face the facts: When you own a home, you’re going to face some home improvement issues. And one of those issues will surely involve an electrical problem — it’s inevitable! When those electrical problems occur, it may not be a tried and true “emergency,” but it will definitely feel like an emergency! It may just be a malfunctioning circuit box or a blown fuse that’s cutting off power to an area of your home. Either way, when it happens, it’s an issue, and it’s worth getting help!Image 1

That’s where our team at Wes Carver Electric comes in. We treat every electrical problem with our utmost care and urgency because we know a home can’t function the way it should without proper electrical service.

Our dedication to our customers has made us the most sought after electrical contractor in Doylestown, PA!

But what sets us apart? We’ve become the electrical contractor Doylestown, PA homeowners trust because we provide a level of service and satisfaction that is unmatched by our competition. Our electrical contractors are passionate about what they do, and we only employ electricians that have the customer first in their minds, all of the time! Ask our loyal customer base, and they’ll tell you that we just do things differently from the competition.


When you’re in need of the best electrical contractor in Doylestown, you should trust an outfit that keeps their standards high. Since beginning in 1999, our work ethic has centered around giving our customers superior service.

When our electrical contractors arrive at your home, you’ll notice that they’re friendly, clean cut professionals who take great pride in a clean appearance. They come to your home ready to work and eager to get started. They’ll talk with you about your current electrical problems, take a look at the area, and then come to you with an estimate. If everything is copacetic, then we’ll get started!

Another thing we like to mention to customers is that we will take full responsibility for any mess that may occur. Though we don’t plan to make messes in our customers’ homes, it can sometimes happen. However, we will make sure the area we work in looks as good as new. This is just common sense for us, but you’d be amazed at the amount of contractors who make a mess and leave it for you to clean up.
When you’re in need of an electrical contractor that serves the Doylestown area, a generator installation service or a company that offers landscape lighting design services, trust in the company that has built a name for itself for the past 20 years: Wes Carver Electric. Call us to schedule an estimate. You can reach us at 215-855-3340 or email us at info@wescarverelectric.com.

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