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Working from home has become a more common occurrence in today’s day and age. People around the area have offices set up in a separate wing of the house or in their basement where they operate through their daily routines. Commutes are shorter, gas is conserved and comfort is restored. You conduct the same business you would, except being in touch becomes even more valuable because you have no one immediately around you to communicate with unless you reach for your electronics.

Now say there is a summer downpour that downs trees in your area. What about if there was a winter storm that hit us around the New Year? Having the home office would be a huge benefit during those situations. But what if these forces of nature knocked out the power in your home? You’d have no way to communicate or get any work accomplished! Those devices you need to communicate with people around the area won’t be able to function unless power is restored. That’s where calling our Wes Carver Electric office will get us out to your home office for a generator installation. After all, we are the Gwynedd generator installation specialists!


Despite having your own home office, you can’t get everything accomplished alone. You need to communicate with others and you need all of your electronic devices to work properly. We rely on our computers, smartphones and tablets now more than ever! Wouldn’t it be an issue if they weren’t fully charged? In the event of a power outage in your home office, generator installation is the best office assistant you can have!


We at Wes Carver are the generator installation experts in Gwynedd, both Upper and Lower. We are fully trained, highly skilled and have installed dozens of generators all over both Upper and Lower Gwynedd.

  • We make sure you have the correct size for your emergency situational needs.
  • The proper location is selected to make sure you get the most of your Gwynedd generator and that it complies with all local codes.
  • Our years of experience contribute to our expertise in the area of generator installation in Upper and Lower Gwynedd.

Anyone with a home office knows the importance of staying in touch with everyone around them. Your Gwynedd generator installers at Wes Carver Electric make sure that blackouts are a thing of the past, no matter what the weather. Pick up the phone today!

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