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Power outages are unfortunate hassles that disrupt homeowners at just the time when it seems most inconvenient. Whether caused by a summer storm, high-volume winds or sweltering heat, power shortages are a problem that need to be handled so we may go on with our daily routine with as little interruption as possible. The people who have the least amount of issues with loss of power are those who take the proactive step to enlist Wes Carver Electrical Contractors as their Lansdale generator installations specialist.

Since 1999, the expert licensed electricians at Wes Carver Electric have proudly been working with the people of Montgomery County. Our commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail and second-to-none worth ethic have made us valued and well-respected members of the community. As part of both the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Electrical Association of Philadelphia, we are honored to serve as your licensed and insured generator installer in Lansdale.


For a long time, generator installation in Lansdale was a service only utilized by commercial properties. Nowadays, however, it’s become commonplace for residential homeowners to invest in generators as well. Why? Because of the recent affordability and the obvious benefits provided by generators:

  • Generators will always keep appliances such as your refrigerator in full operation. In the case of a power shortage, you will not have to worry about food becoming spoiled and rotten! This will save an unnecessary trip, time and money put toward your local grocery store.
  • Heating and cooling systems will be properly maintained. Many summer storms cause power outages to occur in the home along with the loss of air conditioning. Do you really want to be stuck in the heat of the summer in the heat of your house?
  • Furthermore, if you were to be stuck in the house during a long-term storm outside, can you really make it through without a life-line to the outside world and some of the comforts of home? Don’t be forced to wait out the storm bored and in the dark!


With so many benefits and your family and home’s safety in the balance, why put the responsibility of this job on yourself? Why have it haunt you on the honey do list for months? Wes Carver Electric is the right neighbor to call to ‘generate’ the proper results:

  • Our fully licensed team does every installation the proper way, taking the right precautions to make sure it is safe and operable. There won’t be any need to worry about odorous or dangerous emissions coming form your new standby generator!
  • As the neighborhood generator installation specialists in Lansdale, we know every facet of the industry to make sure your house is properly outfitted with a generator that fits the size and wattage needed.

Next time you’re sitting at home and dreading a possible power outage during a storm, don’t be filled with regret that you did not call us at Wes Carver Electric! We are here, properly staffed and always ready to respond to any question or problem you may have when it comes to the generator selection process. Don’t wait to call or email us and be left in the dark – do it today and enjoy the power brought to you by us here at your Lansdale generator specialist, Wes Carver Electric!

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