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Montgomeryville Backup Generator Installation

Lightning and thunder are raging outside when suddenly the lights begin to flicker. You’re halfway through your favorite TV show, have a chicken in the oven, and your cell phone is almost out of batteries. Crash! The latest blast of lightning leaves you standing there in the dark. What’s your next move?

For many, the only option is to sit there and wait for the power to be restored. But not for those who went to Wes Carver Electric for a back-up generator installation in Montgomeryville. More and more people are trusting us to keep them in power over outages.


Getting a back-up generator installed in your home is worth it. Here’s why:

  • You may have noticed that severe storms have increased in frequency, a product of our shifting climate. More storms means more outages. A Montgomeryville backup generator installation today will get more use than it would have ten or twenty years ago.
  • An aging power grid and understaffed repair crews mean that power outages will not only happen more frequently, but will last longer.

With a backup generator, your fridge, air conditioner, and sump pump will keep running no matter what’s going on outside. Don’t let your food spoil or your basement fill up with water while the power’s out.


Maybe you’re already sure you want a backup power source in your home, and you’re just wondering why you should choose us to install it. Go with Wes Carver because:

  • We’re the Montgomeryville back-up generator installation pros who are licensed, background checked, drug tested, and highly screened. You won’t find more qualified, knowledgeable electricians.
  • Our electricians will listen to your thoughts and concerns, and provide suggestions and recommendations.
  • We return phone calls within 24 hours.
  • We’ll get to your appointment ON TIME, and when the work is complete, we’ll clean up after ourselves.

Wes Carver customers have called us “efficient,” “knowledgeable,” and “a pleasure to work with.” We’ve won local and national awards and are active members of the Electrical Association of Philadelphia and National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Anyone who’s used us can tell you there is no better name for backup generator installation in Montgomeryville.

For a quick response from an actual person, call our offices at (215) 855-3340.

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