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Are you searching for a way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood? You’ve worked relentlessly to make your property beautiful and unique in daylight, but when night comes around, you can barely see those gorgeous trees, walkways, and architectural features that make your house your home. Your best bet is to illuminate these elements with the help of Wes Carver Electrical, the undisputed go-to for Montgomeryville landscape lighting design.

Locally owned and operated since 1999, Wes Carver Electric has proven its worth to the community through executing countless electrical jobs such as our landscape lighting design in Montgomeryville. We take pride in transforming the homes and lawns of our neighbors through innovative and creative design projects, and we’re fully licensed and insured to boot.

What Landscape Lighting Can Do for Your Home in Montgomeryville, PA

Have you been pondering the actual importance of landscape lighting for a while now, but just haven’t been able to make a decision? Our Montgomeryville landscape lighting designers know that it’s not always just for show, so we urge you to consider some of these worthwhile reasons:

  • A lit-up lawn actually makes your property more secure. By illuminating potential hiding areas, our Montgomeryville landscape lighting design team will deter potential intruders from targeting your property.
  • Walking around the paths and walkways of your property at night is dangerous for both you and your guests. When properly lit, however, once hazardous walkways become safe.
  • Landscape lighting can also make the space around your home more functional, especially when it comes to entertaining guests. They will love the newly-created ambiance at your next patio party!

Landscape Lighting Designers in 18936 You Can Trust

The landscape lighting design system at Wes Carver Electric is first-rate when you consider these factors:

  • The beginning of great landscape lighting design in Montgomeryville is choosing a great fixture. The ones we use are forged from solid brass and deliver impeccable light quality for many years.
  • Design isn’t just what you can see. It also involves us breaking strategically placing the wiring in your yard to use up to 75% fewer connections. This results in less upkeep and potential for breakdowns.
  • Our designers have an eye for focal points and an ear for your recommendations. We strive to make the process as collaborative as possible.

Additionally, all members of our team are Technician Seal of Safety compliant, provide straightforward pricing, and offer a service guarantee on all work. If you still have questions and concerns about your Montgomeryville landscape lighting design project, feel free to email or call us anytime. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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