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As a homeowner, there are times when you simply want to show off. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your home! And what good is it if you can’t present it in the best way possible? Perhaps you have a room dedicated to your growing art collection, or your family room contains a lovely grand piano that sits at the far end of the room. Why not add a special flair to these rooms?

As the top electrician in Bucks and Montgomery County, Wes Carver Electric recommends you talk to us about recessed lighting! Though it’s not the first thing homeowners think of, an alteration to your home’s lighting, no matter how subtle, can be the source of rejuvenation that you’re looking for.

Wes Carver Electric has been providing the best recessed lighting installation in Montgomeryville for fifteen years now. We opened up shop in 1999 and have never looked back! When we began, we vowed to provide a different experience than what homeowners were used to: unreliable contractors, crew members that made a mess and left a mess, and no strict adherence to scheduling.

With Wes Carver, you won’t find any of that. What sets us apart from others specializing in recessed lighting installation in Montgomeryville is our unmatched work ethic. We offer same-day service, accurate scheduling, and an unflinching commitment to customer service. We won’t rest with a job – whether it’s a Montgomeryville recessed lighting installation or a simple service call in Ambler – until you’re completely, 100% satisfied.

When you’re ready to consider recessed lighting installation in Montgomeryville, you should turn to the name that’s been serving the good people of Bucks and Montgomery County for the past fifteen years: Wes Carver Electric!


What can you expect when you work with Wes Carver Electric? You’ll be amazed at just how thoughtful and eager a company can be when it comes to serving you and ensuring that you receive the very best results.

We’ll first give you a time to expect us – and we don’t mean “sometime between 9 and 5” either! We give accurate windows of time and if there’s ever a reason to change, you’ll be the first to know. When we arrive you’ll notice that we are friendly, eager to learn about you and your project, and courteous. We don’t just get the nuts and bolts from you and get to work. We want to know all about this particular project and what desired result you want from your recessed lighting installation.

We also have enough common sense to know that when a mess is made, it should be cleaned up! You’d be surprised at the number of contractors out there that will put holes in your drywall and not even bother to patch it up – or, worse yet, will charge a fee to fix it!

We here at Wes Carver Electric don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our customers. That’s not how you build loyalty with customers. We’re in the business of making you happy.

Our customers also take advantage of our other electrical services including:

  • Generator installation/maintenance
  • Electrical repairs
  • Wiring
  • Landscape lighting
  • Lighting controls


Ready to get started? We’re ready to help! Call 215.855.3340 for more information or email us through our website for prompt service. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your lighting needs!

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