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When the lights start to flicker or go out, panic and frustration can ruin your night. Extreme weather such as blizzards, thunderstorms, sweltering heat and strong winds can wreak havoc on your power. No one wants to stumble around in darkness and have their power go out. Luckily, Wes Carver Electric can provide you with a reliable backup plan.

Wes Carver Electric specializes in a variety of electrical services for the New Hope, PA area including quality generator installation. Our team of dependable electricians can handle all of your electrical needs, no matter how big or small the project may be.

Generator Installation Process

One of our electricians will first meet with you to go over what size and type of generator will work best for your needs. During this initial in-person consultation, we will also determine where the best location for your generator would be in order to adhere to local building codes.

Following the consultation, we will send you a detailed proposal to you with different options that will best suit your needs. After you sign off on the proposal and make an initial deposit, we will begin work by completing the following process:

  • Receive a permit
  • Order your generator
  • Work with you for the best time to fit your schedule
  • Install your generator safely and efficiently

After all of these tasks are complete, you won’t have to worry again when your power inevitably goes out. Our knowledgeable electricians will ensure your satisfaction and will answer any questions you may have regarding your new generator.

Generating Benefits

Once you contact us for a new generator, you can reap the many benefits of having this useful power source.

If a storm knocks out your power and you fear flooding, you can rest assured that your generator will keep your sump pump running to lessen the chance of your home being flooded. Your generator will also keep your air conditioner and fans running when the heat makes your power go out during the summer.

You can also think of your generator as an investment as it will also boost the resale value of your home once you are looking to move elsewhere.

Our Trusted Electricians

At Wes Carver Electric, we put our clients first. We are your go-to source for electrical work in New Hope, PA and throughout Bucks and Montgomery County.

Since 1999, our trusted electricians have provided new and loyal clients alike with generator installations and a vast array of electrical services. Our success begins with our knowledgeable staff as we only hire the most trustworthy individuals. Along with generator installations, our electricians are also experienced with performing the following services.

We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in getting a generator installed for your property or learning more about our top-notch electrical services. You can reach us by calling 215-855-3340. Don’t wait for your home to be subject to a power outage; get a generator installed and stay powered with Wes Carver Electric!

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