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When you think of a company you’d like to hire to aid you in tasks to improve your situation around the house, what qualities come to mind? Honest and highly certified; knowledgeable and strongly reliable. Luckily for the people of North Wales, PA, when it comes to looking for a generator installation specialist, you have an area company that has all these qualities in bulk.

Wes Carver Electrical Contractors has been serving North Wales and the surrounding areas for well over a decade! To ensure the highest levels of safety and dependability from our workers, each goes through an extensive screening process and training. We want to build that level of trust with you so there will be no issues when we install a new generator into your North Wales home.


Generator installation is becoming more and more popular these days. Having one in your home can drastically improve your family’s safety and well-being. From lights and refrigeration to simply being able to get the car out of the garage, the pros highly outweigh the cons when considering generator ownership in your North Wales home.

One of the biggest threats faced during a potential huge storm is the influx of water and the damage it could do to a home. Installed sump pumps are able to filter that water down and prevent the potential mini flooding disaster in your basement. However, what if there were to be an electrical outage too? The lack of a working sump pump could be hazardous to the home. Once Wes Carver comes in for generator installation, you will need to worry no longer. Despite any problems, the generator will help the sump pump stay running at a high level, saving potential damage in the home!


The licensed electricians at Wes Carver Electric are the only people to call to install a generator in your home! When you call, the first step will be to schedule an in-home consultation where we would find the best backup generator option for you. We’ll review aspects such as the best size and location of the generator to optimize it for best use.

Our experts will follow up with you after the consultation with a detailed proposal listing you rest possible generator options. Once you provide an initial deposit, we will instantly begin taking the proper steps including the permit process, ordering your home backup generator, scheduling and actually beginning the generator installation.

There are so many steps to go through to properly install your home backup generator. Do you really want to trust someone who isn’t an expert in the field with years and years of experience? Wes Carver has the experience, the knowledge and the reliability, and that’s why we are known as the preferred North Wales generator installation specialist.

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