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Electrical Panels & Meters

When is the last time you had your Electrical panel and meter checked? The first step to a healthy electrical system in your home starts with your incoming electrical service which includes your electrical panel, meter box, and main service cables. If any of these items fail, it could mean losing power to some or all of your home, additional damages, electrical shock hazard, or all of the above.

ELECTRICAL PANEL REPAIR MONTGOMERY COUNTY PAMany homes have electrical panels that are not large enough for the electrical demands of the home, the equipment is outdated, or damage occurring from overloading, age, or water damage.

If you have an electrical panel manufactured by Federal Pacific or Zinsco you should consider having it removed and replaced because these are known safety hazards and can cause electrical shock or fires.

When you hire Wes Carver Electric to upgrade your electrical service you will have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system will be safe and reliable for years to come!

Regular inspections and maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs, or dangerous conditions. Without removing the panel cover, we never would have realized all of the water damage that was inside the electrical panel.

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