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Installing a home back-up generator has become a very popular step for anyone looking to improve their home. The rise of the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) movement has fostered so much confidence for people transforming their homes. Nowadays, everyone is looking for creative ways to improve their home both aesthetically and for functionality while staying on budget. Generator installation has become a great step to ensure the functionality of your home in an affordable fashion.

However, this is not a project that you want to do alone. With multiple steps and processes needed to install a generator correctly, it is not something you want to take on as a DIY project. For those of you lucky enough to live in Solebury, PA, you have the Solebury generator installation specialist right around the corner at Wes Carver Electric! Well respected in the area, we have been working around the area since the late 1990s and will work tirelessly to ensure your Solebury generator is installed correctly.


There are a couple options when it comes to installing a generator for your home. The most notable choice is between gas and propane. Here are some things to consider that we can help you with:

  • Gas generators can be costly with rising prices of gas.
  • The inefficiency and hazardous nature with large amounts of flammable gas with gas generators make them not the best fit for everyone’s home.
  • Propane systems are complicated and occasionally unreliable. They also are more expensive up front as well.
  • Propane generators may have a shorter life expectancy than other generators.

With so much to take into consideration and all of the potential hazards, you need the expert knowledge and dependability that we are known for at Wes Carver Electric. As trusted members of the Electrical Association of Philadelphia-Bucks Mont Chapter as well as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), our reputation is top notch. When we come to inspect your home, we will present the most cost effective and efficient option to best suit your home in Solebury.


With so many benefits and detailed instructions needed to install generators properly in Solebury, Pa., the only thing you should DIY is putting a call into us at Wes Carver Electric at (215) 855-3340. Let our highly skilled professionals who have gone through extensive training regimens install your Solebury generator for you in your home. We will be safe, helpful and diligent in our work to make sure your back-up home generator is properly installed. This way you can keep the heart and ‘sole’ of your home up and running at all times!

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