LBA Holiday Tree Display in Lansdale

LBA Holiday Tree Display in Lansdale The Lansdale Business Association is getting ready for their annual Tree Display which opens on November 23rd.  Local businesses are encouraged to participate and decorate a tree. Donations are also welcome; such as outlets and rugs; as per Mary Schwalje notes in the article here.

Residual Damage from Sandy

Residual Damage from Sandy Residual damage from super storm Sandy is being found in New Jersey homes. Any home that suffered water damage and flooding most likely has wet electrical wiring. Once an electrical wire has been exposed to water, it never completely dries out. This can be an unseen fire hazard. If you suffered water damage from Sandy, […]

Spring Has Arrived

Spring Has Arrived Time to assess winter damage.  Winter storms take their toll. High winds, downed trees, and windblown debris often cause damage to your home – especially the light fixtures. The arrival of spring serves as the perfect opportunity to inspect your exterior lighting for damage ad start you electrical repair “To Do” list. […]

Old Homes…Older Wiring

Old Homes…Older Wiring While looking over a home in Doylestown, our licensed electricians came across a junction box with a mess of wires in it. Over the years you find a lot of junction boxes become overcrowded and unsafe. If you have something in your house that looks like the picture here, give us a […]

Ancient Electrical Service

Ancient Electrical Service Some older homes still have an older style electrical service in place. If you have something in your basement that looks like the one in this photo, call us.

Service Upgrades

Service Upgrades Believe it or not some houses still have fuse boxes, knob & tube, and other wiring conditions that could potentially be unsafe.  After years of use even modern panels and sub panels can become outdated and unsafe. If it doesn’t “look safe” it probably isn’t. Take a look at the pictures below. This […]

Portable Space Heaters

Portable Space Heaters On chillier days, you may decide to use a portable space heater for a little extra warmth. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using a portable space heater. Place the heater in a spot where people can’t trip or fall on them Always plug it directly into the […]

It Could Happen To Anyone

It Could Happen To Anyone If you were watching the Super Bowl last night, then you know about the power outage that halted the game for 34 minutes. That just goes to show you that it can happen to anyone.  Luckily they had a back up generator system that offered some lights until they could […]

Secure Meter

Secure Meter We were recently called out to a customer’s home in Yardley for a meter that was hanging on the side of the house. Our licensed electricians were able to properly mount the meter onto a meter block to avoid further sagging. Take a look at the before and after photos: Before     […]

Benefits of a Safety Check

Benefits of a Safety Check Just like our cars, our homes also need the occasional check up. We were recently called regarding a small wire repair for a customer in Ambler. When we went to repair the wire we found that most of the electrical wires that run in the attic had been feasted on by a […]