How Does a Standby Generator Work? Watch Our Video to Find Out.

Have you seen our latest video about backup generators?  Increased storm activity in our area is leading to more frequent and prolonged power outages, and we want you to be prepared.  Watch one of our licensed electricians, Jeff Mayall, give a brief demonstration on how a backup generator works. With storm season approaching, now is […]

Generator Video Shoot

Generator Video Shoot Yesterday we were on site in Doylestown shooting a generator video with Tanya from TCB Marketing. Here are a couple of shots of our licensed electrician Jeff being shot on video.

Residual Damage from Sandy

Residual Damage from Sandy Residual damage from super storm Sandy is being found in New Jersey homes. Any home that suffered water damage and flooding most likely has wet electrical wiring. Once an electrical wire has been exposed to water, it never completely dries out. This can be an unseen fire hazard. If you suffered water damage from Sandy, […]

Old Homes…Older Wiring

Old Homes…Older Wiring While looking over a home in Doylestown, our licensed electricians came across a junction box with a mess of wires in it. Over the years you find a lot of junction boxes become overcrowded and unsafe. If you have something in your house that looks like the picture here, give us a […]

Ancient Electrical Service

Ancient Electrical Service Some older homes still have an older style electrical service in place. If you have something in your basement that looks like the one in this photo, call us.

Another Generator Finds a Home

Another Generator Finds a Home In the event of an extended power outage, like the one that hit us when Sandy did, having a generator offers numerous advantages. Some of these advantages include powering sump pumps to prevent damage from flooding, preventing loss of perishable items in refrigerators and freezers, and maintaining comfortable temperatures within […]

Service Upgrades

Service Upgrades Believe it or not some houses still have fuse boxes, knob & tube, and other wiring conditions that could potentially be unsafe.  After years of use even modern panels and sub panels can become outdated and unsafe. If it doesn’t “look safe” it probably isn’t. Take a look at the pictures below. This […]

Another Generator Finds a Home

Another Generator Finds a Home The new 20 KW Generac generator shown here was recently installed in Newtown, PA. This generator will power the entire home the next time the power goes out!

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware A word of caution to Costco shoppers.  Costco is selling a Honeywell generator and it seems like a good price, however the transfer switch that they sell with it will not work for 95% of the homes in our area. You would have to buy the correct transfer switch which will set you […]

Generators on the Move

Generators on the Move Ever wonder how we manage to get the larger generators into their specified spot, or even into our trucks for that matter? Well wonder no more. We have engineered a set of wheels that connect to the generator that allows us to push it onto the truck via ramps. It also […]