Room Recipes

Room Recipes Came across the April ALA Newsletter online and there is a great article on mixing the right about of planning with the right lighting. When planning out the lighting in your home, don’t only thing of the room directly, think outside the room, and into the hallway. Another thing to consider is proportions, […]

Rugged Tech Lighting

Rugged Tech Lighting Tech Lighting has some great track lighting fixtures available. Just take a look at the Crossroads Design. It is made of sheets of raw steel making it purposefully imperfect. To see more on this fixture, Click Here.

LED Bulbs: Reliability, Energy Efficiency, & Eco-Friendliness

LED Bulbs: Reliability, Energy Efficiency, & Eco-Friendliness LED bulbs are a great way to keep you from constantly changing out your light bulbs. They are known to last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. LED lights also turn on instantly and are shock-resistant; since they contain no breakable filaments or glass. You can save 85% of […]