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When the power goes out in your home, it can be a major inconvenience. However, there’s a way that you can prevent your family from having to be in the dark until the electricity comes back on. Simply hire Wes Carver Electric as your generator installation company in Villanova, and you’ll always have a backup source of power.

Ever since our establishment in 1999, we’ve been serving people all across Bucks and Montgomery counties. As a full-service electrician, we handle everything from small wiring jobs to major home installation projects. Now, we’re ready to work for you.

When you hire Wes Carver as your Villanova generator installation contractor, you can rest assured that you’ll be served by only the best and brightest electricians. That’s because we take care to choose only friendly, clean, and trustworthy people to be members of our team. If you have questions or concerns at any point throughout a job, your Wes Carver electrician will be happy to address them as soon as possible. In fact, we promise to always return your phone calls within 24 hours.


Over the years, our team of experienced electricians has developed a simple process for helping you choose the perfect generator for your family’s needs:

  1. To start off, we’ll visit your home for an initial consultation. At this time, we’ll talk about how big your generator needs to be and where it should go in your house to comply with building codes. In addition, we’ll assist you in choosing between a manual and an automatic generator.
  2. Next, we’ll return to your home for a follow-up meeting in which we’ll propose installation plans for one or two generators that best meet your needs. Then, we’ll ask you to make your selection.
  3. After your initial deposit has been approved, we’ll order your generator right away and assist you in securing a permit.

Once these steps have been completed, there will be nothing left to do but put in your new generator! We’ll schedule a date and time that works for you and take care of the entire installation process.


Are you impressed with what you’ve heard so far about Wes Carver? You can learn even more about our services by calling 215-855-3340 or by sending an e-mail to¬†info@wescarverelectric.com. We can’t wait to be your favorite generator installation contractor in Villanova!

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