3 Common Heating Mistakes That Make Your Electric Bill Skyrocket

3 Common Heating Mistakes That Make Your Electric Bill Skyrocket

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During this time of year, many people find themselves feeling chilly in their homes, even when the heat is cranked up!

To avoid shivering in the living room, some homeowners attempt to make their houses warmer through various tricks they may have heard about online, from friends, or maybe from their own families when they were growing up.

But take it from the pros at Wes Carver: While some of these tactics might make your home slightly warmer, they’ll result in energy bills that will leave you shaking in your boots. Here are some things NOT to do unless you’re willing to pay the price.

1. Install a fireplace for warmth.

Fireplaces make a room cozy and inviting, but they can make your electric bill sky high. Sure, the three feet of space in front of the flames is toasty, but a lot of that warmth shoots right up the chimney. That INCLUDES the warm air coming from your heater, for which you’re paying royally.

If you appreciate the aesthetics of a fireplace, outfit your home with one for that reason. But don’t expect to lower your bill.

2. Keep the heat at a constant temperature.

Somewhere along the line, it got around that heaters were both more effective and more energy-efficient if kept at a constant temperature, instead of if programmed to lower the temperature when you’re not around.

But when it comes to energy savings, you may be missing out significantly by not adjusting the temperature overnight. It’s true that the heater will have to work harder to restore the home to warmth afterwards, but the extra energy this requires is much less than the savings you’ll rack up by lowering the temperature by 8-10 degrees when everyone is asleep.

3. Turning the thermostat way up to heat the home fast.

When you come home to a frigid house, it seems logical to turn the thermostat to 89 degrees in attempt to heat the place faster.

But the truth is that your heater always works at a constant rate. It will take exactly the same amount of time for the home to return to a comfortable 68 degrees, except now you will likely waste energy as the temperature shoots much higher than that.

Spring will be here soon!

April isn’t so far away, so follow these tips to avoid wasting money until it gets here. As always, we’re happy to help you with any wiring, lighting, and other electrical repairs. Just call (215) 855-3340 or email info@wescarverelectric.com for a quick response!