Landscape Lighting Installation in Lansdale, PA

There is something special about the way everything looks at night. A garden that is busy with blossoms and bees during the daytime gets soft and calm as the sun goes down. When you have landscape lighting that is thoughtfully designed and perfectly executed, you will have a yard that you won’t want to leave, even after sunset. 

Our landscape lighting installation services are the best in Lansdale and the surrounding areas, just check out what our customers say about us online.We want you to have a landscape lighting system that is just as sophisticated as what you have indoors so that you can extend your living space to the outside.

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Why should you trust Wes Carver Electric with your landscape lighting installation project? Because we have been faithfully serving Bucks and Montgomery County for over 20 years. Our reputation for superior outdoor landscape lighting is well-known, and we have many positive reviews to show for it. We are proud to serve the local community and to make it beautiful and safe, even after dark.

The Benefits of Focusing on Quality Landscape Lighting

What are the benefits of spending so much time on your house landscape lighting? The benefits go far beyond just looks and can impact the safety of your property in Lansdale, PA. Here are the reasons we recommend focusing on outdoor lighting.

Increase the Safety of Your Yard

When you have the right landscape lighting design, you will be improving the safety of your yard. Modern landscape lighting not only looks stunning, but also illuminates walking paths to allow you to see any obstacles or uneven surfaces. Having a well-lit yard also discourages nighttime prowlers from making their way onto your property.

Show Your Personality

With today’s landscape lighting, you can celebrate the colorful Fourth of July decked out in red, white, and blue lights – all at the single push of a button on an app. You can even light up your yard in red and green for the holidays. It only takes a quick click to have your yard show enormous personality.

Your Property Value Will Increase

If you have outdoor landscape lighting that is well-implemented, it will add a lot of value to your home. If you ever decide to sell your home, the buyer will appreciate having a yard that is already safe and beautiful.

Saving Money With Energy-Efficient Landscape Lighting Solutions 

Most landscape lighting companies either focus on the efficiency of modern landscape lighting or the appearance. At Wes Carver Electric, we focus on both. We want you to have a well-lit space that doesn’t run up your energy bill even if you leave it on all night. Ask us about our energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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Exterior Lighting: Why We Do It Better At Wes Carver Electric

There are many differences in Landscape Lighting Design and Installations. We have designed and installed many exterior systems in Montgomery County & Bucks County. Here are a few reasons why our outside low voltage system is popular with our customers.

5 Reasons Why We Do It Better:

1. Superior Design

We have many years of experience in creating beautiful and functional lighting designs for our customers.

2. Quality Light Fixtures 

Our light fixtures are made of solid brass, well-designed, and easy to maintain. Many of the typical choices are made of cast aluminum fixtures which damage easily and do not last as long.

3. We Are Electricians!

Not landscapers. We don’t see landscape lighting as an add-on sale, but instead, with us, the lighting is our focus.

4. Nighttime Adjustment Services

For larger jobs, we will come out at night to ‘fine-tune’ your lighting and make sure that everything is adjusted properly.

5. Our Wiring Method

Our wiring method and light fixtures allow us to reduce our number of underground connections to less than 25% of typical systems. Fewer connections equal fewer problems and less maintenance.

Landscape Lighting Installation Services at Wes Carver Electric

At Wes Carver Electric, we know that coming up with the perfect landscape lighting design is only half of the equation. We also have to have excellent service that will make it easy for you to get the installation that you need. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for service by offering upfront pricing, timely service, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Read More About Our Landscape Lighting Installation Services!

We were featured again in House & Home Magazine as an expert in landscape lighting and design! Click the image to read the latest article and learn more about common landscape lighting requests, typical home-owner calls, the design process, the latest trends, our favorite projects, and when you should call an expert contractor.

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If you are looking for a landscape lighting company that can provide the best landscape lighting services in the area, contact Wes Carver Electric. We have worked hard to stand out in the industry, and we’re excited to get started with your project today. Our licensed electricians serve most areas within Bucks & Montgomery County.

Need landscape lighting installation in Lansdale, PA? Contact Wes Carver Electric online today, or give us a call at (267) 498-9009. Our friendly professionals are standing by to assist you.



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