Electrical Safety Evaluations

Electrical Safety Check in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA

From providing dependable lighting to giving you access to the internet, electricity provides a plethora of contemporary conveniences. However, the unseen electrical components within your home can sometimes be overlooked, leading to potential safety issues. That’s why it’s so important to invest in routine electrical safety checks!

Welcome to Wes Carver Electric, where safety and excellence in electrical services are our top priority. For over a quarter century, we’ve been the go-to experts for electrical safety evaluations in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA. Our commitment to quality service, backed by our core values ensures that your home’s electrical system is in the safest, most capable hands.

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Standard Electrical Safety Check

Understanding your home’s electrical system is crucial for ensuring safety and compliance. Our standard electrical safety evaluation includes a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical systems, ensuring they meet the latest safety standards. This is recommended for all homes. Our team of professionally trained electricians, equipped with the right tools and knowledge, will evaluate electrical panels as well as GFCI protection, smoke detectors, basement wiring, and more. This evaluation is more than just a routine check; it’s an assessment that guarantees the safety of your home and family.

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Premium Electrical Safety Check

For those seeking an even more in-depth analysis, our premium electrical safety evaluation goes a step further. This is recommended for people who just moved into their homes, older homes, and for real estate certifications. This service includes all the elements of our standard evaluation, plus additional checks for electrical hazards and proper surge protection, including wiring in attics and crawl spaces. Our electricians use advanced equipment to test and inspect every aspect of your home’s electrical system, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds safety standards.

GFCI Receptacles

GFI and GFCI receptacles are vital for preventing electric shocks, especially in areas prone to moisture. Our evaluation includes testing these outlets to ensure they are functioning correctly, offering an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Smoke Detectors

Functional smoke detectors are your first line of defense in the event of a fire. Our evaluation includes checking these devices for proper operation and placement, ensuring they are ready to alert you in case of an emergency.

Tips for Electrical Safety in Your Home

Beyond our professional evaluations, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. We provide essential tips for maintaining electrical safety in your home, covering everything from the proper use of electrical equipment to the importance of preventative maintenance. Here are some of the best electrical safety tips we have for families in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA:
  • Limit Extension Cord Use: Extension cords can be dangerous if used on a permanent basis. Limit their use to temporary applications rather than permanent ones, and throw them away if they become damaged.
  • Upgrade Your Outlets: If you have two-prong outlets, or you don’t have GFCI outlets next to your sinks, it’s time to upgrade your outlets!
  • Replace Broken Electrical Components Right Away: If you have faulty wiring connections or any other broken electrical components in your home, have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Pay Attention to Signs of Electrical Problems: When you see signs of electrical problems, such as flickering lights or tripping breakers, call for electrical services right away.
  • Schedule Regular Electrical Safety Evaluations: Have a trusted Wes Carver Electric electrician do regular electrical safety checks in your home to ensure electrical panel safety and the safety of GFCI receptacles and wiring.

Trusted Electrical Repair in Lansdale, PA Since 1999

At Wes Carver Electric, our licensed electricians perform all types of electrical repairs. No job is too small for us and we handle every repair in Lansdale, PA with the same care and attention. When you call us for residential electrical repair, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that we have been doing this for many years. We have been trusted in both Bucks and Montgomery County for electrical repair since 1999. We will take care of you just like we have been taking care of other homes for over 20 years.

What Does Our Standard Electrical Safety Check Include?

Our Standard Electrical Safety Check covers all the essentials to keep your home safe. This includes basic 26-point electrical safety checks, inspecting smoke detectors, electrical panels and wiring systems, and evaluating GFCI outlets. We also provide a detailed written report of our findings, giving you a clear understanding of your electrical system’s condition and any recommended repairs. Our Premium Electrical Safety Check includes even more components in its scope. We provide electrical safety assessments for the following components of your electrical system:

Main Electrical Panel and Sub Panels

The heart of your home's electrical system lies in its main electrical panel and sub panels. These components are critical for distributing electricity safely throughout your home. Our evaluation focuses on ensuring these panels are up to code, properly labeled, and free from any hazards that could lead to electrical fires or shocks. We check to make sure your breakers are up to code and sized correctly, that your panel has a main breaker, that the grounding system is up to code, and that you have the proper surge protection.

Outdoor Electrical Meter and Service Cables

The outdoor electrical meter and service cables are often overlooked but are essential components of your electrical system. Our evaluation includes a thorough inspection of these areas to ensure they are damage-free, securely mounted, and functioning correctly.

Basement Wiring

Basement wiring can be particularly prone to issues due to its typical usage for storage and less frequent access. Our evaluation includes a comprehensive check of your basement's wiring, ensuring it is safe, properly insulated, and up to code.

Providing Quality Electrical Safety Evaluations and Other Services for Over 25 Years

At Wes Carver Electric, we take pride in our 25 years of service, providing quality electrical safety evaluations and a range of other electrical services, that include:


Our commitment to excellence, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system.

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