Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA

Transforming the feel of your home starts with effective lighting installation. Wes Carver Electric, your friendly neighborhood electricians since 1999, proudly serves the Bucks and Montgomery County areas, bringing excellence and integrity to each light installation project. Our core values guide us to strive for excellence in every job we perform.

For over a quarter century, families throughout the area have relied on Wes Carver Electric for lighting installation in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy, intimate setting or a vibrant, energizing space, our team of skilled electricians is ready to turn your dreams into a brilliant reality.

We value the trust of our fellow neighbors above all else, which is why we promise upfront pricing, prompt service, and 100% customer satisfaction with every light installation.

So what are you waiting for? Flip the switch, and let’s talk about lighting!

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Our Lighting Installation Services

At Wes Carver Electric, we understand that the right lighting can turn any space from everyday to extraordinary. Our interior lighting solutions encompass everything from stylish pendant lights and energy-efficient recessed LED light bulbs to practical and bright task lighting. Our team ensures your new lighting fixtures not only enhance your living space but also align perfectly with your home’s existing electrical layout.

Whether we are installing a simple light fixture or providing complex electrical wiring and rewiring, our professionals are committed to giving you the most comprehensive electrical support. 

Here are just a few of the lighting installation services in Montgomery and Bucks County, PA, that we offer:

Interior Lighting

A well-lit home can have a significant impact on your productivity and mood. Our indoor lighting installations are carefully constructed, as we consider every angle when making recommendations. We consider the following factors with each indoor lighting installation in Montgomery or Bucks County, PA:

  • The functionality of the space
  • Architectural elements, focal points, and artwork
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Your budget and timeline
Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of any room, even small spaces like closets and showers. Whether you’re upgrading your existing lighting or installing new fixtures, our experts specialize in integrating recessed lighting options seamlessly with your existing wiring and ceiling fixtures. If we must make a hole in your drywall, we will patch it and apply a rough coat of spackle before we consider the job completed.

Chandelier Installation

Adding a new chandelier can be a centerpiece to your dining room or a foyer. Our experienced technicians handle everything from electrical wiring to securing the ceiling junction box, ensuring your new lighting fixture is installed safely and beautifully. We work with all types of chandeliers, from the most basic to the more complex and ornate ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate on your indoor lighting project!

Exterior Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor space with our exterior lighting installation services.  A poorly lit yard can be difficult to navigate and negatively affect your home’s curb appeal. We can help you highlight the most attractive features of your landscaping while also making it safer to navigate your yard at night with exterior lighting installation in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

Ceiling Light Installation

Chandeliers are just one of the many types of indoor lighting fixtures available for your home. When it comes to designing your space, there are no boundaries. Pendant lighting, sconces, ceiling fan light fixtures, track lighting, and other options are available with our light fixture installation. Wes Carver Electric has many years of experience determining what type of lighting works best in various spaces, allowing us to make the best interior lighting design recommendations.


Even though many families spend hours cooking, eating, and socializing at the kitchen island or dining area, it can still be an underappreciated space. That is why kitchen lighting design is crucial. You need enough light to work with while also keeping the kitchen warm and inviting. Reach out to a professional electrician today to install lights that will truly shine in your kitchen!

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If you’re looking for reliable, professional lighting installation services, look no further than Wes Carver Electric. With over two decades of experience, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a team of highly skilled electricians, we are ready to tackle any lighting installation project. To schedule lighting installation, EV charger installation, or other electrical services for your home, contact Wes Carver Electric today.