Surge Protection

Whole House Surge Protection in Lansdale, PA

Have you ever added up how much all of the electrical devices and appliances in your home cost altogether? The average home contains more than $15,000 worth of sensitive electronics, and all of them are subject to damage from power surges daily. Not every power surge is enough to completely fry your flat screen TV, but even smaller power surges can be damaging in the long term. At Wes Carver Electric, we have whole home surge protection in Lansdale, PA to shield your home from this type of damage. 

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What Is an Electrical Surge?

A surge is a high-voltage electrical event that travels through your AC power cable lines, potentially damaging home electronics and appliances. It can be caused by more obvious things such as a lightning strike, but often times the surges are more subtle and can happen by the power company, and surges can be created by large-draw appliances such as your washing machine, air conditioner, and dishwasher.

Light Switch

After turning your lights on and off several times per day for years, light switches can become worn out. If you are having problems turning on your lights, and you haven’t been able to fix it by replacing the bulb, you may need a light switch repair. This is just one of the many concerns that we can fix with our electrical repair services in Lansdale, PA.

Outdoor Lighting Repair

You rely on your lighting to see both inside and outside your home. So when one of your light fixtures breaks, or you have faulty wiring that is causing lighting problems, it can be more than just an annoyance. Let us come and fix it with our lighting repair in Lansdale.

Electrical Panel Repair

Every outlet, switch, and fixture is connected to your electrical panel. That’s why, when your panel is having problems, you’ll see repercussions throughout the rest of the home. Our electrical repair company is here to help troubleshoot these problems and keep your panel in the best condition with our electrical panel repair services.

Electrical Outlet Repair

Have you ever plugged in a device only to have it fall back out of the outlet? You may have an outlet that is worn out and needs an electrical outlet repair. You should also call us for repairs if you see scorching around your outlets, you smell an electrical or burning odor, you have cracked outlet covers, or your outlets feel warm to the touch. 

Electrical Wiring Repair

Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires in the country. We take electrical wiring repair seriously because not only are we fixing loose connections, but we’re also preventing them from happening again. Contact us for electrical repair services in Lansdale that you can safely rely on every time.

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What Do You Mean I Get Power Surges Every Day? I Don’t Notice Anything!

Most electrical surges go undetected because they are not substantial enough to be noticed. However, every home is subjected to nominal electrical surges every day. These surges can come from the utility power grid outside of your home. They can also come from within your home when larger items start up like air conditioners or other large appliances. These surges may not be noticeable, but they do shorten the lifespan of sensitive electronic equipment. A television that could have lasted for 60,000 hours might only last for half the time if exposed to too many small power surges. The goal of power surge protection is to lengthen the lifespan of your devices.

What Can I Do To Protect My Home From Power Surges?

Call Wes Carver Electric so that we can prevent damage to your home or property caused by surges before they happen. Whole home surge protectors can offer affordable options that will help you save thousands of dollars in potential damages. Instead of having to replace expensive appliances, you can invest in whole house surge protection. Power surge protectors come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re always happy to help you find a customized solution.

Our Whole House Surge Protection in Lansdale

Our whole home surge protector installations start with a conversation with you to find out exactly what you require. We’ll help you decide on the type of whole home surge protector, and we’ll give you upfront prices for all of the different options. 

Once you’ve chosen the type of protection that you want, we’ll set up a time for your surge protector installation service. We install it directly into your electrical system where it will provide protection every day against many different types of power surges. With every appointment, you can expect us to arrive on time and be equipped with everything we need for the installation. Whether we’re putting in a power surge protector or doing other work on your electrical system, our services always come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Types of Surge Protection

There are different types of surge protection that we might discuss with you when we come to help you consider whole home surge protection:

Specialized Surge Protection:

Specialized surge protection is a special kind of device that protects against lightning strikes. Not every home needs this type of protection, but it may be needed in your home.

Power Strips:

This type of surge protection is plugged directly into your outlets. They are great at helping with small power surges.

Whole House Surge Protector:

A whole house surge protector is the most common type of residential protection. It can protect against power surges from large appliances turning on and off, indirect lighting strikes, and surges created from the utility provider.

Surge Protector vs Power Strip: Which is Best?

If you’re wondering which is better, surge protectors vs power strips, you might find that this is a bit of a trick question. Panel surge protection and power strips can both provide good protection. What we often recommend is putting in a whole house surge protector and then layering this with power strips at outlets with sensitive devices. 

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Whole house surge protection is important for your home. If you have put off investing in this kind of protection for your home, but you’re tired of having to replace your electronics, our electricians at Wes Carver Electric would love to help.

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