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Lighting Controls

Welcome to Caseta Wireless by Lutron!

An affordable solution to control your home’s lighting.

Are you sick and tired of adjusting multiple lighting timers throughout your home? Changing timers after losing power or every year during daylight savings time?

With Caseta Wireless you never have to adjust a timer again! Caseta wireless knows when it gets dark at your house and can automatically turn on your outside (or inside) lights at sunset every evening, no matter what time sunset occurs throughout the year.

Control your lights from anywhere- Weather you are home or away with Caseta wireless you can turn on and off your lights from your smart phone.

Make it look like you are home, even when you are not- with ‘Smart Away’ technology, the system will turn lights on and off at random to make it appear like someone is always home, even when you are miles away.

Caseta wireless will also work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Apple Watch

The Caseta wireless system can be easily installed into existing homes without rewiring!


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