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Bringing home a brand-new electric vehicle can be an exciting experience. You’ll probably spend a few minutes reveling in the fact that you don’t have to be so dependent on gas prices to decide whether you can make that cross-country trip. However, it can be challenging for some people to work out the logistics of charging their new car. We would love to help you find the perfect solution with our EV charger home installation services. An electric vehicle charger installation will give you all of the flexibility you need to charge your car from your garage without relying on charging stations.

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We Offer Home Charger Installation for Your Electric Car!

Wes Carver Electric specializes in the installation of home chargers and power supplies for all types of electric vehicles (EVs). Our installers will visit your home in Lansdale, PA or the surrounding areas in Bucks and Montgomery County to find out exactly what kind of EV home charger installation you need. You can depend on us for straightforward advice about what it will take to charge your EV.

What is a Home EV Charger?

Your electric car is a vehicle of the future, but unfortunately, commercial charging stations can be challenging to find. Don’t worry about your battery going dead when you are miles from the nearest station. Instead, juice up your car overnight with a home charging station, also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. This technology will power up your car four times faster than the 120-volt charging cable that came with your electric car!

How Does an EV Charger Work?

Technically, an EV charger isn’t a “charger” at all. The actual charger is inside your vehicle. The wall-mounted equipment that our electricians will install supplies 240 volts of electricity right to your electric car. Then, the advanced technology in your vehicle will convert that AC energy into the DC power that charges your car’s battery.

EV Charger Types

There is more than just one charger to choose from. There are different EV charger types, and the one that you need will depend on your budget and what make of car you own. We can install many different types with our EV charger installation. Here are the differences between each type of charger. 

Level 1 EV Charger

A level 1 EV charger is what you were provided with when you purchased your car. The good news is that this type of electric vehicle home charger can be used with any standard 120 V outlet. You likely already have this type of outlet in your home, and it’s easy to find a 120 V outlet in an emergency. The bad news is that this type of charger can take up to 50 hours to charge your car from empty to 100%. To speed up this process, you should consider scheduling an electric vehicle charger installation service to charge your car faster.

Level 2 EV Charger

A level 2 EV charger is the most common charger that is installed in residential properties. For this type of EV home charger installation, you’ll need a 240 V outlet in your garage as well as a separate circuit on your electrical panel. You may need to upgrade your panel or install a new outlet if you don’t already have these two accommodations. Level 2 chargers are often worth the expense because they charge the car much faster. You’ll get a full charge in less time than it takes for you to get a good night’s rest.

Tesla EV Charger

If you own a Tesla, you will need an electrician qualified in Tesla EV charger installation to come and put in a charging station for you. At Wes Carver Electric, we can install this type of electric vehicle home charger in addition to our other services.

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Questions to Ask Before You Choose an EV Charger

Are you not sure what type of EV charger you require for your home? Call us and ask one of our electricians! We can come out and take a look at the setup that you have at home. In the meantime, you can also consider the following questions before you call an installer to set up your charging station:

Where Will The Charger Be Installed?

Will your charger be indoors or outdoors? Depending on your answer, you will require a different type of enclosure. For example, a NEMA 4 enclosure can be hosed down and is weather-resistant.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some EV chargers can be surprisingly large. For example, one option is 24 inches high by 16 inches wide. Smaller units may be half that size. Depending on the space available in your home, you may have a preference for a larger or smaller charger.

What to Expect From Our EV Charger Installation Services

When you call Wes Carver Electric for your home EV charger installation, you can always expect to be put on the schedule right away. We’ll come to your home first and take a look at the setup that you have. We’ll talk to you about where you want to have your new EV home charger installed, and whether you have a sufficient room in your panel. Next, we will review your solutions for installation.

Then, we’ll start your EV charger home installation. It doesn’t take long to install the charger itself, so you’ll have your charger ready to go just a few hours after we start our installation. After the installation, we’ll go over a few more details with you about how to best use your new charger. 

The Preferred Neighborhood Electrician for Over 20 Years

At Wes Carver Electric, we’re proud to be the preferred electrician in both Bucks and Montgomery County for more than 20 years. If you’re looking for an electrician that’s trusted by your friends and neighbors, get in touch with us! We’re friendly, professional, and we care about the safety of your electrical system

Our EV Chargers Will Service Cars from Premier Brands

We are equipped to meet all of your electric charger needs, no matter what type of electric car or hybrid you own. Below are the premier vehicles that we service:

Need a New EV Home Charger? Call Wes Carver Electric

If you’re in Lansdale, PA or the surrounding areas of Bucks and Montgomery County, Wes Carver Electric is a great choice for electrical installations. Our upfront prices meant that you always know what to expect. And you’re always protected by our industry-leading 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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