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Electric Vehicle Charger Installations in Bucks & Montgomery County

electric vehicle charging installations montgomery county pa

We Offer Home Charger Installation for Your Electric Car!

Wes Carver Electric specializes in the installation of home chargers and power supplies for all types of electric vehicles (EVs). Our installers will visit your home in Montgomery County, Bucks County or Lansdale, PA.

What is a Home EV Charger?

Your electric car is a vehicle of the future, but unfortunately, commercial charging stations are still few and far between. Don’t worry about your battery going dead when you’re miles from the nearest station. Instead, juice up your car overnight with a home charging station, also known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. This technology will power up your car four times faster than the 120-volt charging cable that came with your electric car!

How Does an EV Charger Work?

Technically, an EV charger isn’t a “charger” at all. The actual charger is inside of your vehicle. The wall-mounted equipment that our electricians will install supplies 240 volts of electricity right to your electric car. Then, the advanced technology in your vehicle will convert that AC energy into the DC power that really charges your car’s battery.

electric vehicle charging installations montgomery county pa

What Features Do You Need?

Consider the following questions before you call an installer to set up your charging station.

How Fast Does Your Car Charge?

Different cars require different amperage levels to charge at their fastest rate. We usually recommend a charger that supplies at least 30 amps, which will quickly juice up most modern electric vehicles. Some consumers might prefer a 50 amp model, however, which has the capacity to charge future EVs that will likely come with even faster charging rates.

Where Will You Be Charging Your Car?

The cable that is attached to your EV charger should easily reach your car. Since most options are 15 to 25 feet long, it’s important that you measure the distance between the planned location of your charger and where you usually park your car.

Where Will The Charger Be Installed?

Will your charger be indoors or outdoors? Depending on your answer, you will require a different type of enclosure. For example, a NEMA 4 enclosure can be hosed down and is weather-resistant.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some EV chargers can be surprisingly large. For example, one option is 24 inches high by 16 inches wide. Smaller units may be half that size. Depending on the space available in your home, you may have a preference for a larger or smaller charger.

Our EV Chargers Will Service Cars from Premier Brands

We are equipped to meet all of your electric charger needs, no matter what type of electric car or hybrid you own. Below are the premier vehicles that we service:

Why Choose Wes Carver Electric?

Our friendly neighborhood electricians, who are all licensed, background-checked and drug-tested, will arrive on-time and answer all of your questions about your EV charger installation. We will also tell you the price upfront with no hidden fees. If you live in Montgomery County, Bucks County or Lansdale, PA, call us today to learn more!

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