Outlet and Switch Installation in Lansdale, PA

You need your outlets and switches every day to turn the lights on and off and plug in your devices. So you wouldn’t want someone installing them who didn’t know exactly what they were doing. At Wes Carver Electric, not only do we have years of experience at installing outlets and switches, but we also have the kind of integrity that’s hard to find in our industry. 

With every outlet and switch installation, you’ll get upfront prices, friendly service, and installations that are done right the first time, every time. 

For trusted outlet and switch installation in Lansdale, PA contact the experts at Wes Carver Electric online, or give us a call at (267) 498-9009 to schedule an appointment.

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Do You Need Outlet and Switch Installation? 

If you have an outlet that is still up to code and working perfectly, there’s no need to replace it even if it’s old. However, in many homes in Lansdale, the outlets and switches are outdated, inconvenient, and even unsafe. You’ll want to invest in an outlet and switch installation service if: 

  • You are using too many power strips or extension cords
  • Your outlets and switches aren’t in convenient locations
  • You don’t have enough outlets
  • You still have two-prong outlets
  • Your kitchen and bathroom outlets aren’t protected by GFCI outlets
  • You have cracked outlet and switch covers
  • Your outlets are sparking or scorched

Keeping Up With Electrical Code

The National Electric Code, or NEC, is typically updated every three years. That doesn’t mean that your whole home automatically becomes unsafe every three years until you upgrade it. However, if you are planning on selling your home or if you have noticed electrical problems recently, it may be worth having an electrician come and conduct a home safety evaluation. An outlet and switch installation in Lansdale may help you get your house back up to code. 

Outlets Installations in Lansdale

At Wes Carver Electric, we can install every type of outlet or switch that you could need for your home. Our power outlet installation services include the following types of outlets, as well as many more: 

  • GFCI Outlet Installation: GFCI outlet installation is important for any outlets that are near water. This usually means outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or outside.
  • USB Outlets: When you are considering new outlet installation, think about installing USB outlets, so you can easily plug in your phone or other devices.
  • Three-Prong Outlets: Without this type of electrical outlet installation, you won’t be able to plug in most of your devices. Three-prong outlets are now standard, but your house may still have the old two prong outlets.
  • 240V Outlets: This is the type of electrical outlet installation you’ll need for your laundry machine, dryer, or EV charger. Call us for power outlet installation if you need to install a 240V outlet.
  • Outdoor Outlet Installation: Your outdoor outlets need to be protected from the weather. Contact us for outdoor outlet installation for outlets that are safe in all kinds of weather.

Looking for a type of new outlet installation that you don’t see on the list? We can still take care of it. Just call us and ask for outlet and switch installation, and we’ll get you the services you require.

Looking for a highly-rated and reliable electrician in Lansdale, PA? Call Wes Carver Electric at (267) 498-9009 to schedule an appointment today!

Light Switch Installation in Lansdale

When you require a switch installation, it might be to replace a switch that has stopped working, or it may be to install a special type of switch that will make your home more convenient. We offer all types of light switch installations including dimmer switches, smart switches, and more. 

Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmer switch installation can help you save money on energy throughout the year. You can dim the lights when there is enough sunlight in the room, or keep the lights dimmed after the sun goes down. Mention dimmer switches when you call for light switch installation.

Smart Switches

Smart switches can perform many functions such as turning lights on and off from your phone and adjusting the brightness or color of all of your lights. This type of switch installation will give you more control over your home.

Friendly and Trusted Services for More Than 20 Years

Have you been looking for an electrician with an excellent reputation in the area who will do an expert job at putting in your outlets and switches? Trust on our team at Wes Carver Electric. We have been relied on in Bucks and Montgomery County for more than 20 years. You can read hundreds of reviews from families in your neighborhood who would trust us again for electrical services.

Call Us for Outlet and Switch Installation!

When you want upfront and honest prices from electricians who are highly experienced and knowledgeable, Wes Carver Electric is the local company that you need. We are excited to take care of your outlet and switch installation in Lansdale. 

Looking to schedule an appointment for an outlet and switch installation service? Contact Wes Carver Electric online or by phone at (267) 498-9009. Our friendly professionals are standing by to assist you.

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