3 Things You Should Expect from a Landscape Lighting Installation Provider

3 Things You Should Expect from a Landscape Lighting Installation Provider


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When homeowners are looking to enhance the overall security or curb appeal of their home, landscape lighting designs are the way to go! Not only will you help to provide a higher level of protection for your family, but the value of your property will also improve. By illuminating the focal points around your home in a natural way through the installation of landscape lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy the many advantages associated with brightening up your outdoor living space.

Impressively, Wes Carver, the owner of Wes Carver Electric, which is a full-service electrical contracting company, located in Lansdale, PA, is featured in the “Ask the Expert” section of the May 2016 Issue of House & Home Magazine. For over 25 years, Carver has been sharpening his design and technical skills, in regards to the landscape lighting and general electric industries, so that he can better serve his customers. Below, are three quotes from the recently published article that help to emphasize the importance of choosing an experienced and knowledgeable crew of electricians in Warrington, PA and neighboring towns to install landscape lighting on your property.

  1. Customer Service

“I will meet with the customer, listen to their concerns and ideas then provide recommendations based on our years of experience. It’s important for me to understand their motivation for the lighting project so I can custom tailor a design to meet their individual needs.”Wes Carver

Choosing an electrical contracting company that’s willing to put in the appropriate amount of time to completely understand a homeowner’s desires means everything. Electrical professionals must be able to spend time with their customers so they can bring their visions to fruition. How else will they be able to manifest the landscape lighting design of your dreams? While some companies are just interested in completing jobs as quickly as possible, you need an electrical contracting company that’s dedicated to interpreting what it is that you see in your imagination.

  1. Artistic Insight

“Our goal is to make the lighting and the property look natural.Wes Carver

Yes! If an electrical contracting company doesn’t emphasize this aspect of the creative design process, don’t choose them to install your landscape lighting system. By identifying focal points, such as the front entry, the professionals will help you facilitate a brighter outdoor environment for family, friends and guests. Particular features surrounding your home including birch trees, stone, brick or other alluring details, will help to provide an appealing contrast of light and shadows, which will add a dramatic look to your home. Make sure your chosen landscape lighting professionals don’t plan on implementing a “runway look,” with too many path lights on your property. Instead, they should sketch a design that works to highlight the interesting aspects around your home that already exist

  1. Industry Knowledge

“When you talk in terms of efficiency, everything is LED these days. However, it’s very important to match up the color temperature of the LED lights, so they are not a different color than the house’s existing exterior lights.”—Wes Carver

This is just one example the many crucial aspects of the design process that might be overlooked if you ask a landscaping company instead of an electrical contracting company to install your landscape lighting design. As mentioned before, the lighting should illuminate important features of your home in such a way that it appears natural. You need a company that strives to facilitate a naturally brightened outdoor space.

On top of everything else, make sure that the company of your choosing uses high-quality light fixtures to ensure the functionality of your investment for many years to come. You should also make certain that proper electrical connections and innovative wiring methods are used throughout the installation process. “Hub based” wiring methods, for example, limit the number of necessary connections and help to cut down on the required maintenance of the system, as well provide an ideal level of dependability. When you choose a company to implement a landscape lighting design on your property, use Wes Carver Electric’s way of doing business and performing installations & electrical repairs in Bucks County, PA as an accurate example of how your chosen company should perform their services. Don’t be left in the dark when you can brighten up your outdoor environment through the experience and knowledge of the experts.