Be Careful When Installing a Chandelier in The Bathroom

Be Careful When Installing a Chandelier in The Bathroom

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A chandelier in the bathroom? Say, what?

This year has brought about some unexpected decor trends so far, the most glamorous of which may be the growing popularity of bathroom chandeliers. Once the centerpiece of extravagant dining rooms and two-story foyers, the chandelier is on the rise in what may be the most unexpected place: the loo.

Now, homeowners aren’t generally hanging full-sized crystal chandeliers in their bathrooms. The dawning of the 2010’s has seen miniature chandeliers grow increasingly prevalent, and it’s these that homeowners are choosing to dangle above their bathtubs. That’s right: Most homeowners are installing their chandeliers directly above the tub.

Which brings us to the point of this blog: Installing a chandelier in the bathroom can be very dangerous. Keep in mind that you’re hanging a pendant-style fixture in a room known for moisture and humidity. Last we checked, mingling anything electrical with water is a very bad idea.

So before you go installing your bathroom chandelier, keep in mind three key rules for electrical safety. In fact, we think this is a job for professionals who know how to ensure that the setup will be safe over the long term. (You have to consider safety code issues here, too.)

  1. The bottom of the chandelier must be 8 feet above the highest point on the tub’s edge at least. If not, you’re in defiance of safety codes. Another option is to hang the chandelier at least 3 feet beyond the tub’s edge.
  2. Choose the proper model of chandelier. It must be U.L.-rated for damp or wet locations, with tightly sealed construction designed to keep condensation and water out.
  3. Lastly, ensure that the proper wiring is in place. To protect from electrical shocks, you’ll need to make sure the wiring in the bathroom is protected by a ground-fault circuit interruptor (GFCI). These can sense unsafe conditions and cut the electric current upon their detection.

Our honest opinion is that this is a job for the pros. What’s more important than your safety and that of your family? When an electrician takes care of the wiring, you can enjoy your style upgrade and rest easy that the installation has been done right.

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