My Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On. What’s Happening?

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No one wants to deal with potential electrical problems in their home, but sometimes, things happen that you’d never expect. Homeowners are often alarmed by strange sounds coming from their appliances, outlets making buzzing noises, lights flickering nonstop, and other signs that there may be an electrical problem afoot (or, if you’re superstitious, a poltergeist…and […]

Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes to Avoid

You’re probably familiar with the concept of landscape design to make your outdoor spaces beautiful. However, did you know that landscape lighting design is actually its own separate landscape design category? If you’ve ever thought about making outdoor lighting fixtures part of your landscape design or wanted to add outdoor illumination to your yard in […]

Wired vs. Wireless Smoke Detectors: Which Are Right for Your Home?

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Your smoke detector is much like your seatbelt; it may seem simple or even unnecessary some of the time, but when you end up needing it, it can save your life. Did you know that, according to research by the National Fire Protection Association, you are 55% less likely to be killed in a house […]

Whole-Home vs. Power Strips: A Matter of Surge Protection

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You may be aware that large power surges from things like lightning strikes can be destructive to all your home’s appliances and devices. What you may not have realized is that small power surges occur every day, and over time, these surges can take a toll on everything from your computer and TV to the […]

Why Do My Lights Keep Flickering?

“Did the light just flicker, or am I seeing things?” If this is a question you are asking yourself more and more often, it’s safe to say you have an electrical problem! Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to get to the bottom of why your indoor lights are flickering or blinking. […]

The Benefits of Partnering With Landscape Design and Installation Specialists

When you first moved into your house, you may have fallen in love with the potential of the property, but how much have you checked off your list since you bought it? Landscape lighting design and installation is an excellent way to upgrade your home’s curb appeal while increasing available entertaining space and easing potential […]

Should a Home Be Rewired?

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There are countless benefits of purchasing and living in an old home. It’s been a part of several people’s lives for years before it came to be your family’s residence, and it’s a beautiful thing to experience its charm. However, that doesn’t mean that older homes are the same kind of low-maintenance turn-key property as […]

Why Won’t My Circuit Breaker Reset?

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An informed homeowner is a conscientious and empowered homeowner. At Wes Carver Electric, we seek to encourage homeowners to take charge of their home’s electrical safety and maintenance. In a world where many people try to save money by doing the job themselves, we seek to be a reliable resource for information, repairs, and convenient […]

Why It’s Important to Hire A Professional Electrician

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When it comes to your home, there will always be things you prefer to do yourself. As far as your home’s electricity is concerned, you don’t want to mess around. Many homeowners attempt to do their home’s electrical work to save money. There may be initial savings, but should anything go wrong or you require […]

Home Electrical Maintenance: DIY Checklist and When to Call a Professional

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Think about the last time you had an electrical outage. With all the spoiled food, flashlight-lit crawls throughout your home, and the unfortunate realization that not even the AC or microwave can offer quick comfort. Sometimes electrical outages are out of human control due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Still, other times, a thoughtfully […]