Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

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Summer has finally arrived! We’re here to help you save energy during the upcoming warm months, when one of your priorities is keeping your indoor climate cool and comfortable. Some of the tips below can be used on a daily basis to cut down on your energy bills; others are simple and fairly inexpensive actions […]

When’s the Last Time You Had an Electrical Inspection?

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A well-maintained electrical system is a key part of any functioning household. Summer in Doylestown and the surrounding areas is a significant time for electricity use as people begin firing up their air conditioning systems to deal with the hot weather. If you want to make sure your home stays cool all summer, it is […]

Important Message Regarding Coronavirus

Dear Customers, As of Friday, May 1, 2020, Wes Carver Electric continues to be open and to serve our customers in Bucks and Montgomery counties with their residential electrical repair needs. Our business is considered essential and to properly safeguard our customers and our employees, we have established these guidelines: We have thoroughly cleaned and […]

When Do I Need My Electrical Outlets Replaced?

Does your outlet no longer hold a plug? Is it not powering anything you’re plugging in? Does it look discolored or dingy? As a trusted team of electricians near Ambler, PA, and the surrounding Montgomery County community, Wes Carver Electric understands that when outlets give you trouble, issues hidden behind your wall can be a […]

How Can I Prepare for a Power Outage?

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When you live in an area that is prone to power outages, it’s vital to be ready for one before it happens. If you have emergency supplies on hand, you’ll be equipped to ride out the outage relatively comfortably. As first-rate electrical contractors near Doylestown, PA, Wes Carver Electric understands that outages can be detrimental […]

6 Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

As the trusted team of residential electrical service experts serving Lansdale and the surrounding areas, Wes Carver Electric understands the importance of electrical safety during the holidays. Before you eat, drink, and be merry, make sure you take the proper precautions and safety procedures for you, your family, and your home. Check out this infographic […]

Why Do My Lights Flicker?

Living with flickering lights in your house is a difficult problem to ignore. While they may not be an immediate hazard, they are an inconvenience that you should not overlook, as it may lead to the discovery of a bigger problem. While there may be an issue in your system that requires a Wes Carver […]

A Quick Charge When You Need it: What is Required to Charge an Electric Car at Home?

If an electric car has made its way into your family, you’re likely enjoying all the benefits of your new economical ride. Electric vehicles, or EVs, have become an extremely popular option and are gaining more recognition for their ability to improve fuel economy, increase energy security, reduce emissions, and lower fuel costs, according to […]

What Does it Mean When Your Breaker Box is Buzzing?

If your breaker box is making a buzzing sound, it could be completely harmless, or it could be a sign of imminent danger — it all depends on several factors. You must take note of how loud the noise is, how frequent it is, and many other things to ensure the safety of you and […]