Do I Need Pathlights?

Do I Need Pathlights?


When customers come to Wes Carver Electric for landscape lighting installations in Newtown, PA and surrounding areas, one of the most common questions they ask is, “Do I need pathlights?

A quick answer to that question is a simple “No.” However, we make sure to explain the following reasons why to our customers:

  • By lighting up focal points near the front of the house, such as brick or stone, reflective light provides enough illumination on the sidewalk for people to find the front door.
  • When we uplight onto textured surfaces, it gives off a nice contrast of light and shadows which gives off a dramatic look.
  • While the “runway look” is created by using an excessive number of pathlights, our goal is to make the lighting appear as natural as possible.
  • We enjoy highlighting other more interesting aspects of the property so you have a general illumination instead of small pockets of light.

Here’s what you and your family have to look forward to with a landscape lighting design that emphasizes focal points throughout your entire property:

  • You’ll deter burglars or other ill-intended individuals targeting poorly lit homes.
  • Family, friends & guests will be able to safely navigate around your property at night and easily find the entrance to your home.
  • Whether you plan on living there for many years to come or are thinking about moving soon, you can rest assured that the curb appeal of your home will improve.
  • A strategically placed design that covers your whole property will highlight unique landscaping features that normally can’t be seen at night.
  • Innovative wiring methods will reduce underground connections by 25%. This means that the possibility of complications will be reduced and if they do in fact occur, no-dig repairs can be completed by our electricians in Chalfont and neighboring towns.

When you make the bright decision to go with Wes Carver Electric’s approach of installing landscape lighting, you can count on our highly trained electricians to exceed your expectations.

Instead of adding a clustered line of lights to illuminate a path, choose to implement a naturally appearing design that serves the same purpose, while also highlighting other focal points throughout your property.