Electric Heat Cables in Driveway and Walkway

This was an installation on an existing driveway and concrete walkway in Hatfield, PA. We excavated the driveway and removed the concrete, installed the heating cable system, wiring, and controls, and repaved the driveway and installed new concrete. As you can see the system works as planned and our customer will always have a clear path to the garage and mailbox no matter how much snow we get!

This is a quote from our customer:
“I wanted to retrofit electrical radiant heating into my existing sidewalk and driveway, and was having trouble finding a contractor that was willing to tackle the job. A friend suggested I contact Carver Electrical, who had done work for him that he was happy with. After looking over the job, Carver agreed to take on the project as General Contractor, which involved coordinating his electrical work with a blacktop contractor, concrete contractor, vinyl siding contractor, and the heating cable / control system supplier. After developing scope of work and working out contract language, Carver quoted me a price that was within 4 percent of my budget.

It took some time to start up, mostly involving coordinating the schedules of all the different trades. Once started, the work progressed smoothly, and in a timely fashion. All of the various people who showed up on the job were courteous, easy to work with, did professional work, and were conscious of their impact on my property. The work done by Jeff from Wes Carver Electrical in particular was neat and meticulous.

I gave Wes Carver Electrical a 5 star rating not only for the overall quality of work, but for the “degree of difficulty” involved in coordinating all of the various operations into a completed final product.” — in Hatfield, PA.