Let’s Install A Wall-Mounted TV

Football Season Is Here – Let Us Install A Wall-Mounted TV

It’s fall in the Greater Philadelphia area. You know what that means…


After all those months of slogging through bad summer TV, the greatest American pastime is back on. We only have one question for you: Is your TV ready for the action?

For the best experience, what you really need is a wall-mounted flat-screen TV with surround-sound speakers. Just imagine it. The image quality is so clear it’s like the game’s going on in your living room, the sound so crisp you’re practically on the field. With a setup like this, inviting over friends and having a Monday-night football viewing party is that much more fun.

But instead of going through the trouble of setting up the wiring and mounting of your new big-screen TV, here’s why you should task Wes Carver Electric with the job:

  • We have the tools, hardware, and accessories to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ll knock out this project in no time, and we’ll do it the right way.
  • We’ll make sure your TV installation protects your expensive hardware. Nice TVs with truly great displays and sound quality cost money. That’s why you need to make sure it’s mounted on the wall in a way that protects it. With a DIY installation, you risk an improperly mounted bracket or poorly secured television that could do serious damage if the TV comes crashing to the floor. Plus, your warranty won’t cover the damage if you performed a home installation. By trusting the job to us, you ensure your valuable technology is safe and secure.
  • We take all factors into account. The pros from Wes Carver Electric know that mounting a TV is more than just placing a couple of screws. It’s about assessing the condition of the wall or ceiling, the correct type of mount for the viewing area, and other components of the theater system before performing the installation. These are nuances that seriously affect your viewing experience, and we can make sure we take each into account.
  • We can hide the messy wires safely. Professional TV installation means we can safely and discreetly run cables through the walls if desired, or even install extra electrical outlets if necessary. Your setup will be neat and clean, instead of having globs of wires hanging from your walls.

Why not save yourself the annoyance of trying to mount your own TV and leave it to the pros at Wes Carver? Take one step closer to epic football nights by giving us a call: (215) 855-3340.

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