How An Attic Fan Could Benefit Your Home

Bucks County attic fan installation

Photo: Liz West, Flickr Creative Commons

Homeowners seeking to cut costs on energy and improve circulation in critical areas of the home may want to install an attic fan. These instruments have been in use for years, and are a relatively inexpensive home improvement than can yield significant results.

Don’t know how an attic fan works, or why you should consider installing one? The Bucks and Montgomery County electricians at Wes Carver Electric will break it down for you:

What is an attic fan?

Powered by solar energy or through your home’s wiring, an attic fan draws air from outside into the attic and pushes it back out. Unless you’re very savvy, an attic fan generally requires a professional installation, as well as an exhaust outlet through the roof or a wall. Your professional will make sure that the placement of the attic fan is correct in relation to vents, that vents are waterproofed, and that electrical wiring is safe and correct.

What are the benefits of an attic fan?

In the summer, the hot sun beating down the roof all day can raise the temperature of the attic to amazing heights. By circulating the air and bringing cooler outdoor air in, an attic fan lowers this temperature, which in turn keeps your living areas cooler. As a result, the air conditioner may not have to work as hard to cool the house, decreasing its energy usage and costs.

In the winter, an attic fan offers other advantages. A natural flow of air helps keep the attic cold — a state that’s actually desirable, since it reduces the potential for ice damming in the gutters. (A warm attic melts the snow on the roof and sends it to the gutters, where it refreezes and causes a disproportionately heavy burden that can cause roof damage.)

Last but certainly not least, by creating air circulation, an attic fan prevents the buildup of moisture and mildew, protecting your insulation, rafters, and other wooden structuring.

As you might imagine, attic fans require excellent insulation and air sealing between the attic and your living areas. But as long as you have this, the energy savings and savings on roof and attic repairs can be significant.

Which attic fan is right for my home?

Ultimately, a professional eye can discern which variety of attic fan would work best with your home, and if venting and insulation are sufficient for an attic fan to be effective.

Wes Carver Electric would be happy to help! Contact us today to learn more about attic fans, electrical repairs, safety inspections, or any of the other electrical services we provide to Bucks and Montgomery County residents.