How Does a Standby Generator Work? Watch Our Video to Find Out.

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Have you seen our latest video about backup generators?  Increased storm activity in our area is leading to more frequent and prolonged power outages, and we want you to be prepared.  Watch one of our licensed electricians, Jeff Mayall, give a brief demonstration on how a backup generator works.

With storm season approaching, now is a great time to install a backup generator. High winds, snow, ice, and severe thunderstorms all contribute to losing electrical power. We depend so much on electricity that even short power outages are a major inconvenience.  Many of our customers lost power for extended periods this time last year.

With the help of a backup generator, you will maintain electrical service during the next big storm, and avoid problems such as having to eat a cold dinner or attempting to light your entire home with candles and flashlights.

Remember, the average lead time to install a backup generator is 6-8 weeks, so contact Wes Carver Electric today.