Improving Efficiency with Mitsubishi Comfort Systems

Improving Efficiency with Mitsubishi Comfort Systems

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Our electricians in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County want to share our answers to a few important questions that our customers usually ask about Mitsubishi Comfort Systems.

Just to give you some quick insight: The setup is often referred to as a “multi-split system,” wherein a single outdoor unit is used to power one or several indoor units without any ducts at all; impressively, the system only requires mounting capabilities and electronic access.

What’s all the hype about?

With central heating systems, ductwork is used to distribute hot and cool air throughout a home; however, with Mitsubishi Comfort Systems, the air is distributed directly into different zones. How could can you expect one central unit to have enough power to distribute air throughout an entire home? You can’t. In terms of circulation, certain areas of a home will just always get the short end of the stick.

Conventional heat pumps just don’t get the job done; there always seems to be fluctuations in temperature from one room to the next. Frankly, there’s just no comparison to the inverter-driven pumps that these systems have. Even when the temperature outside drops below zero, they can still self-adjust for temperature consistency.

Can you save money?

Absolutely! You WILL save money. Utility costs are all about efficiency, which means you must go with an energy-efficient heating and cooling system to cut costs. Ductless systems don’t require nearly as much power. Additionally, you get everything out of the power that’s actually being used; unlike conventional systems that simply turn their wheels and use up an amount of power that never equates to its performance.

By having warm air delivered directly into a room, you no longer have to adjust the temperature to compensate for fluctuations. You can even choose which rooms you want to heat or cool, depending on whether they’re occupied. When you get a much better return on the power that you paying for using, you’re going to save a lot of money. On top of improved efficiency, people might also be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates for the first year after the installation.

Does it help with air quality?

Considering there are no ducts involved and it has multi-stage filtration, the air quality of any home with a Mitsubishi Comfort Systems is going to be better. With traditional HVAC systems, dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, allergens and other particulates in the air gather inside of the air ducts. By taking ductwork completely out of the equation, the possibility of breathing in air that has passed through a contaminated system is eliminated.

Go green and save money by asking Wes Carver Electric’s electricians in Chalfont and surrounding areas to install an energy efficient Mitsubishi Comfort System in your home before the winter arrives!