Improving the Look and Feel of Your Bedroom with Recessed Lighting

You can trust that our licensed electricians in Newtown, PA and its surrounding areas recognize the impact that recessed lighting has on the look and feel of any living space—especially a bedroom. In the video above, we perform a before-and-after comparison of a recessed lighting job that we had recently installed in a customer’s master bedroom. Before the installation, you’ll notice that the customer had been using a bare bulb in the center of the ceiling to temporarily light the room. Right off the bat, it’s obvious that this setup gives off poor lighting, and has a glare so strong that it would probably strain your eyes if you were actually there in person.

However, after performing the installation, you can see that the recessed lighting greatly improved the look, feel and functionality of the bedroom.

So what did we do?

Well, first of all, we had to figure out where we wanted light. Of course, we needed to install a reading light and also direct light onto the dressers, but we were also driven to improve the overall illumination of the room. While some electricians might have installed four recessed lights in the room and called it a day, our electricians, on the other hand, decided that it was in our customer’s best interest to add a few more. This way, we could design a better layout for the room and generate light where it was needed.

As a result, we ended up installing eight smaller recessed lights in their bedroom to ensure there’s an equal distribution of light—unlike the bare bulb. And even though we installed eight lights in one bedroom, you can see that because of the fixtures that we used, there isn’t any glare and it doesn’t look too busy (e.g. too many holes in the ceiling, too many lights, etc.). Since we prefer to install recessed lighting designed with bulbs that are set a little further up into the housing, as well as use trims that are dark in color, we’re able to prevent glares from affecting the look and feel of any room. In the end, our crew was able to install recessed lighting in such a way that allowed us to hit all the marks and, in turn, make our customer very happy.

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