Keep Electronics Safe – 3 Reasons Surge Protection Is Essential


Photo: frankieleon, Flickr Creative Commons

In our modern times, we’ve all got plenty to worry about. So why, you ask, should you spend some of your precious time ensuring your home is protected from electrical surges?

Surge protection is well worth your time and investment. We’re Wes Carver Electric, Montgomery County’s trusted electricians, and we’ll tell you why:

1. It’s Like Insurance for Your Electronics

Over the holiday season, it’s likely you became the proud owner of a shiny new electronic. Maybe you got that Apple TV you’ve been dreaming of, or ditched your ancient PC for a sleek new model.

Well, what would you say if that expensive new device could be roasted in a matter of seconds? The fact of the matter is, it can. All it takes is a lightning strike or surge from the utility company, and voltage surges into the house and fries your valuables.

Not so if you have the proper surge protection. Those pricey gadgets work just fine no matter what.

2. Power Strips Offer Little, If Any, Protection

It’s nice to think your power strip is protecting your new flat-screen, but ask any industry expert and you’ll find that idea is false. The protection offered by power strips is minimal at best, despite the fact that these devices are useful for turning a bunch of electronics on and off at once.

Use them for that purpose, but don’t expect these strips to keep your electronics safe in the case of a power surge. Better surge protection is needed for that.

3. Whole-House Protection is Available

When we say surge protection, you’re probably imagining a bunch of small devices having to be installed and maintained over time. While this can be the case, whole-house protection is also available. These surge protectors are installed inside the main electrical panel of the home, and have an LED visual display you can use to ensure your device is working to protect the entire home.

How long does it take to install whole-house surge protection? Less than an hour. After that, you’ll have peace of mind that your home entertainment system is safe from the random fluctuations of your local grid.

The thing is, installing surge protection can be a tricky task if you have no idea what you’re doing. What’s the point of installing surge protection if you do it the wrong way, and your devices remain vulnerable? Not to mention messing with your main electrical panel can be incredibly dangerous.

Your favorite electricians in Montgomery County are here to help. Let us come and install surge protection in your home – and you can cross off electrical surges from your list of things you need to worry about.

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