Keeping Everyone Cool at St. Miriam’s Parish

Keeping Everyone Cool at St. Miriam’s Parish

Here at Wes Carver Electric, we value the opportunity to assist local individuals throughout the process of creating a cooler, more comfortable indoor environment for friends, family and guests. As we approach mid-July and the weather gets even hotter, we work diligently to ensure that everyone around the Greater Philadelphia area is comfortable when sweltering temps arrive. Below, we describe a heated dilemma that one of our local customers faced and explain how we were able to provide a refreshing, long lasting solution.


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Monseigneur Jim of St. Miriam’s Parish, which is located in Flourtown, PA recently came to our highly trained electricians to help him solve a problem that he was having with the church’s air conditioning system. Although it was working fine, he explained to our professionals how one side of the church was often too cold, while the other side was usually too hot. Clearly, the church’s current system wasn’t very practical, considering the amount of space in which it was responsible for cooling. With the intense summer heat approaching, Monseigneur Jim was searching for expert advice and dependable services from electricians near Harleysville, PA or any other town in Montgomery County.

Without a doubt, Monseigneur Jim was having trouble trying to eliminate the complications with the building’s air conditioning system. In an attempt to compensate for the warm, stuffy and humid conditions on the one side of the church, the thermoset would be set at an unusually low temperature. This would cause the other side of the church to become uncomfortably cold. Every Sunday, it seemed that the members of St. Miriam’s Parish could have been either shaking or sweating—there was really no in-between. They could either come with a jacket or bring a fan…

On top of everything else, the altar had no air conditioning at all… Monseigneur Jim was certainly struggling with a heated predicament—one that would make any of us break a sweat!

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Luckily, he heard that Wes Carver Electric specialized in air conditioning installations and electrical repairs in Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA. Shortly after he called us and described the problem that he was having with the parish’s air conditioning system, our electricians went over and spoke to him personally. After learning more about the trouble Monseigneur Jim was experiencing, we performed an extensive inspection of the unit and evaluated the overall capacity and structure of the building.

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Our electricians determined that the biggest challenge was that we needed to come up with a solution that would help to deliver the necessary amount of cooling into the church, all while preserving its historical presence and unique architecture. This meant that we couldn’t use ductwork and that our units needed to blend in seamlessly with the church’s original design. Our team decided that the best solution was to install three new Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems. While one system would serve the space near the altar, two additional systems would cover the assembly area.

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Shortly after the installation, we followed up with Monseigneur Jim, who said, “I can’t believe how much cooler it feels in the church now that the new air conditioning is installed! The air is cool and the humidity is gone. I am no longer sweating in my vestments at the altar. Thanks!” By installing the energy-efficient units at St. Miriam’s Parish, he and his members are certainly cool, calm and collected during each and every service. Now the church is super comfortable and provides a refreshing indoor environment throughout the summer season. As Monseigneur Jim mentioned, the whisper-quiet cooling systems help to remove humidity from the building, as well as eliminate hot and cold spots, which is exactly what St. Miriam’s Parish was having trouble with getting rid of.

Not only will Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems help to keep large capacity buildings like churches cool, but they’ll also help to eliminate hot and cool spots in older homes, room additions, bonus rooms, enclosed patios, finished basements, home offices and much more. As we go deeper into the summer and the mercury rises, this is the perfect time to consider one of these innovative air conditioning systems to fix hot and cold spots within any residential or commercial location. Just like Monseigneur Jim, keep your cool and call an expert electrician today to solve any and all of your air conditioning dilemmas.

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