What You Should Know About Winter Storms and Your Electrical System

Winter might not be the most popular of the four seasons—especially with all the ice and snow and bone-chilling temperatures. Most folks just hunker down and dream about spring – or even better, summer – with visions of backyard barbecues and sun-drenched shore outings dancing in their heads.

Enjoying the wintertime usually means getting cozy at home with the family. But what happens when a winter storm hits and there’s a problem with the power? No electricity equals no heat, no TV, no internet, no fun.

You can’t necessarily prevent a storm-induced power outage, but you certainly can take precautions and prepare your home’s electrical system to withstand the rigors of the season.

Let Wes Carver Electric, your friendly neighborhood electricians who serve Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA, power you up for the next big winter weather event.

What You Should Know & Do Before the Storm

Equip Yourself

So, the forecast is calling for a blizzard. Your first thought is probably, “Gotta get to the grocery store for some bread and milk!” Understandable, but while you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick up a package of batteries.

Sounds kind of strange in an age where electricity powers everything, including cars, and we can use our smartphones as flashlights. But when a winter storm is approaching, threatening to coat power lines in ice and snow, losing electricity is always a possibility. It’s important to have an emergency just-in-case kit on hand. You never know; your phone could die, and you’ll need that old flashlight to navigate the darkness.

While you’re at it, make a point to charge up that cell phone to 100 percent, and keep a list of emergency phone numbers in a convenient place. You’ll definitely need the number of your electric company, and be sure to use it if you see a downed power line outside your home.

Keep An Electrician’s Phone Number Handy

While you’re filling out that list of emergency phone numbers, include our phone number here at Wes Carver Electric—267-498-9009. In fact, if there’s still time before the storm, contact us to have one of our certified electricians come out and perform an annual maintenance check. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of the condition of your electrical system and its various components, as well as how everything may stand up against a sudden power outage.

When it Come to Space Heaters…

Space heaters are a common safety concern in the winter months, and if you must use a space heater – or an electric blanket – during the storm, make sure it’s in good working order. Old, faulty wires can cause electrical mishaps. Furthermore, plug your space heater into an outlet, rather than using an extension cord. You don’t want to overload those wall outlets with a bunch of plugs.

Winter storms are no cause for panic – and you don’t really have to go clean out the milk cooler at the supermarket. All in all, it’s just important to be aware of potential weather-related hazards.

To raise your awareness, here’s a brief glimpse at a couple of common winter electrical hazards.

How to Stay Safe During the Storm

You might think there’s nothing you can do during a storm except light a candle and climb under a blanket. You’d be wrong.

If your home loses power, go around the house and switch off all the lamps and major electronic items. You want to avoid overloading the circuits when power is restored.

If you don’t lose power but want to amp up the heat in your home, closing doors and heating vents to low-traffic areas can help funnel the heat where you need it the most.

What You Should do After the Storm

If the storm knocked down a power line in your area, hopefully the electric company got right on that. But it’s important to remember never to touch it if not yet fixed or drive over it, and you should assume that it’s live and report it.

Any indoor electrical issues you experienced as a result of the storm…call us. We are right here in your neighborhood, and we’ll be there to help with prompt, friendly service.

Professionals can help prevent problems!

As with any major system in your home that you can’t live comfortably without  – plumbing and gas are some other examples – it’s important to have experienced electricians you can count on to keep your electrical system running smoothly and safely through all conditions.

You have us to help keep you safe and warm – and prepared for anything.

Don’t wait for the next threatening weather forecast to shore up your home’s electrical system. Wes Carver Electric handles electrical repairs and maintenance services in Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County with speed, skill, and friendly customer service that will warm up the coldest months of the year!