Landscape Lighting Design Mistakes to Avoid

You’re probably familiar with the concept of landscape design to make your outdoor spaces beautiful. However, did you know that landscape lighting design is actually its own separate landscape design category? If you’ve ever thought about making outdoor lighting fixtures part of your landscape design or wanted to add outdoor illumination to your yard in general, you’re in good company. Many people want to turn their yard into a place to relax or entertain, whether the sun is up or down. It is also beneficial to visitors and family members alike to be able to see where they are walking and prevent any confusion or reduce fall risk.

Over years of serving clients seeking landscape lighting design in Doylestown, PA, we’ve learned that adding landscape lighting fixtures can be both functional and practical — but it has to be done right. Read on to learn more about some common landscape lighting mistakes.

Landscape Lighting Mistake #1: Poor (or No) Planning

If you decide it’s time to install landscape lighting fixtures, don’t just rush out and start sticking any old lights in your yard. The best way to tackle your lighting project is also the best way to tackle any project — with a plan in mind! Sit down and plan out what location you think is best for each fixture before installing lights.

Landscape Lighting Mistake #2: Choosing Style Over Source

While it’s great to choose landscape lighting fixtures you love the look of, you should be designing based on light source, rather than just the style or aesthetic qualities of your ideal path lights or other landscape lighting fixtures. Light source is what matters most in the dark, after all — would you rather see the path at night or just be able to admire your fixtures during the day?

Landscape Lighting Mistake #3: “Over-Dazzling” Onlookers

Avoid choosing overly bright bulbs in huge quantities when planning out your outdoor living space. Remember, you’re trying to create an attractive and functional landscape lighting setup, not light up an airport runway.

Landscape Lighting Mistake #4: Forgetting Foliage

You may be already brainstorming the best way to highlight the architectural features of your yard using landscape lighting. However, you may have forgotten to factor your trees, bushes, and plants into the equation. Is a tree branch blocking your light source, or is a nearby bush causing your cozy lighted path to look spiky and spooky? Don’t forget to factor in your yard’s natural elements and plan for the long run as they grow and change as well.

Landscape Lighting Mistake #5: Being a Nuisance Neighbor

No one wants to be woken in the wee hours of the night by a spotlight on their face or have their windows constantly bombarded with the bright white illumination of LED bulbs. When you’re working on your landscape lighting design, consider how your lights will impact others nearby. Avoid intruding on your neighbors’ space and ask yourself, if MY neighbor installed this design, would I be okay with it?

Landscape Lighting Mistake #6: Incorrect Installation

One of the most common mistakes we’ve seen during many years helping with landscape lighting installation in Newtown, PA, is incorrect installation. This can look like any of the following or more:

  • Homeowners don’t always know what fixtures to buy, leading to poor lighting or fire hazards.
  • Homeowners want to illuminate both sides of the path but can’t find an ideal solution, so settle on darkness — or excessive brightness.
  • Homeowners install incorrect bulbs or don’t know the specifications of LED bulbs they’re using, risking damage to their fixtures or property.
  • Homeowners don’t know the best materials for fixtures that will be outdoors long-term.

To avoid these and more common installation errors, seek help from lighting companies that specialize in landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Mistake #7: DIY Disasters

Our number one tip for homeowners who want to beautify and light up their yards is to look into professional landscape lighting services. Not only are there many benefits to working with a professional (check out our piece on why you should partner with landscape design and installation specialists), you’ll also be able to breathe easy knowing someone else is handling all the hard work. We’ve seen many a’lighting DIY disaster — and we don’t want you to become a statistic! It’s best to trust professionals when it comes to landscape lighting.

Look On the Bright Side!

Ready to light up the night and make your property beautiful sun-up or sundown? Get in touch with Wes Carver Electric to discuss professional landscape lighting services! Our prompt, friendly, and experienced team can tackle any landscape lighting project from big to small, and we work with you throughout the entire design and installation process. Contact us today and start looking on the bright side of your yard!