LED Bulbs: Reliability, Energy Efficiency, & Eco-Friendliness

LED Bulbs: Reliability, Energy Efficiency, & Eco-Friendliness

LED bulbs are a great way to keep you from constantly changing out your light bulbs. They are known to last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. LED lights also turn on instantly and are shock-resistant; since they contain no breakable filaments or glass.

You can save 85% of the electricity you use by switching from incandescent to LED lighting. They also do not create heat like the incandescent are known to do.

LED bulbs are also eco-friendly. They contain no mercury which contribute to landfill poisoning, when not disposed of properly.

For more details on how reliable, energy efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting is, Click Here to view the December issue from the American Lighting Association.