What You Need Know To About Home Backup Generators

Over the past month, our region experienced snow storms that left a lot of us without electricity for quite some time. If you were lucky enough to be out of town for the recent Nor’easters, you missed out on the rest of us scrambling to get milk, bread and eggs in preparation. With the heavy winds and large accumulation of snowfall we experienced, many trees and power lines became damaged leaving many of us in the dark.

Depending on how severe the damage was in your area, you may have had to spend a couple of nights at a family member’s house, friend’s house or even shell out money to stay in a hotel.

Have you ever wished that when you lost electricity you had the luxury of a home backup generator? Well, now you can have one of our licensed electricians who service Collegeville, PA, install a home backup generator to your Montgomery County or Bucks County residence. Here’s what you need to know about the generators we can install for your home.

Installation Process


When you call Wes Carver Electric for a generator installation, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation to determine what exactly your needs are. We’ll gather information about the proper size for your emergency power needs, the best location for your generator, as well as make recommendations for maintenance. Then it’s up to you to figure out if you want an automatic generator or a manual generator.

Automatic Generator


If the thought of being without power for more than a couple of hours drives you crazy, an automatic generator is just what you need. This type of generator will start itself when needed, requiring no involvement from you, the homeowner. An automatic generator can also handle everything from a few essentials to your entire home.

Manual Generator


When it comes to a generator that is a low-cost investment, manual start generators are just what you are looking for. While they may be more hands-on, as you’ll have to refill the gas tank as needed, they can still provide power to your home in a limited capacity.

Tired of being stuck in the dark after every major storm? Give us a call today to have one of our expert electricians to install a home backup generator for your Newtown, PA residence.