Popular Kitchen Lighting – Why You’ll Love Under-Cabinet Lighting


Around this time of year, we’re all spending more time indoors than usual. Are you looking around your house and wishing you could renovate?

One small-scale project that can really improve an important part of the home – your kitchen – is under-cabinet lighting installation. With under-cabinet lighting, low-voltage bulbs deliver directed light to specific areas, bolstering your existing lighting arrangement.

Interested? Here are a few benefits of installing under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen:

  • Improved Task Lighting. Completing food preparation tasks is easier when you can see better – it’s as simple as that. Especially for those aging in place, brighter lighting in task-oriented areas can be a real help.
  • Better Accent Lighting. Showcase your countertops and backsplash with under-cabinet lighting that illuminates them, as opposed to overhead lighting that casts them in shadow. If you splurged on custom tile or hand-cut stone, this is your chance to call greater attention to it.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency. If you’re completing a task at the counter, you may only need to switch on one area of your under-cabinet lighting. As a result, you can minimize the usage of your overhead lighting and save energy. In addition, you can choose to use energy-efficient LED bulbs for your under-cabinet lighting to cut power consumption further.
  • More Choices of Bulbs. Under-cabinet lighting provides the opportunity to choose from a variety of bulbs, like fluorescent, halogen, LED, and xenon. Make use of the lighting best suited to your kitchen’s design. You can also choose between strip lights, puck lights, linear lights, and more, depending upon which you find most attractive or useful.
  • Sharpen Your Kitchen’s Style. While overhead lighting can be sufficient for many homeowners, under-cabinet lighting allows you to do more in terms of lighting design. Create dramatic plays of light through the use of under-cabinet lighting throughout the kitchen.
  • Simple, Inexpensive Installation. When completed by a qualified contractor, under-cabinet lighting installation is a simple job whose benefits you’ll experience fast. Done right, there should be no wires showing, and the lighting fixtures should not intrude on your kitchen’s functioning (or safety) in any way. This should be a cost-effective project that boosts your kitchen’s usefulness and style immediately.

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