Should You Purchase a Home Backup Generator?

Should You Purchase a Home Backup Generator?

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Have you noticed that severe storms have increased in frequency over the past few years?

Well, due to an aging power grid and understaffed repair crews, storms are resulting in more frequent and prolonged outages. Not only are these power interruptions inconvenient, but they can also lead to costly damages to your home.

To guard against these power outages, our electricians in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County have been installing backup generators in many of our customers’ homes.

Here’s how a Generac or KOHLER® generator will work should a power outage take place:

    • When your home loses its utility power, the generator will turn on within 30 seconds.
    • Then, within a minute, a switch will automatically flip over inside the box to power the entire panel.
    • A 14-circuit home backup generator, for example, can power a fridge, microwave, convenience lighting, sump pump, heater and AC units.
    • Once the power is restored in the utility, the generator will keep running for about five minutes just to make sure the power is stabilized.
    • Finally, after it’s been stabilized, the generator will turn off.

The convenience of an automatic generator is paramount!

Let’s go over the reasons why you should install an automatic generator in your home:

    • Be prepared for storms year round–from hurricanes to blizzards.
    • If a family member relies on electronic medical equipment to cope with a particular condition.
    • No more scrounging for flashlights and candles.
    • Prevent food from rotting in the fridge.
    • Navigate the interior of your home safely during dangerous storms.
    • Provide power for your security system, lights, computer, appliances, HVAC system, and other electronic devices and equipment.
    • Generac and KOHLER® generators are manufactured to endure strenuous workloads over a long period of time.
    • They are also built with corrosion-proof enclosures designed to sustain whatever the elements might throw at it.
    • Eliminate stress and worry from your life whenever possible, ESPECIALLY during storms!

Nowadays, everyone relies on electricity way more than they even realize! There’s an endless number of things that can go wrong when the power goes out, so don’t wait any longer to prevent disruptions.

Plan and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings your way!

If you’re interested in having a generator installed at your home, contact our residential electricians in Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas.

Wes Carver Electric has the power to protect your family from dangerous outages!